Friday, July 10, 2009

F-Word Friday: Flabbergasting!

Since I'm finding Family Friday harder to keep up with (how many stories can I tell you about The Luxembourg Queen, anyway?), I've decided that instead I'll just make Friday a more random bit of bloggery.

Bloggery? Oh, Mimi, really.

You'll have to forgive me today, I'm a bit under the weather (stupid cottonwood trees with all their flying fluff!) and I was actually off sick yesterday with a sinus headache. I feel marginally better today, but still kinda blah-ed out.

Being home gave me the opportunity to finish a couple of projects, so it wasn't a wasted day...

Behold, home-made knickers; they didn't *quite* come out as I'd hoped, more tweaking is necessary, but they are definitely cute... I mean just look at that lace!

That would be my prized My Cat Hates You t-shirt, now emblazoned on my heinie forever!

Being off sick means that yesterday's Thrilling Thursday got lost in the shuffle, so to kick off my new random Friday theme, I bring you...


You may have noticed that when you use Google, they often have an interesting bit about something significant that occurred on the day in question, an event in progress, etc. Clicking on the Google logo for that day will bring you to several links on the subject, and can often be quite interesting time-wasters, although sometimes I think they're just phoning it in.

Like I am today! Stupid sinuses.

Today's linkage had to do with Nikola Tesla. I won't fill this with links to his information, but I will tell you that he was Thomas Edison's greatest rival and figured out things like X-rays and television before anyone else did... he just never got the credit. It must have been incredibly frustrating to be him, like constantly seeing infomercials for stuff you've been doing at home for years, but just never managed to get off the ground.

Like the Snuggie.

It kind of explains why he invented this:

I'm thinking his plan was to scare the shit out of everybody, in the hopes they'd quit stealing his ideas.

Equally Flabbergasting!

This Saturday, The Child and I will be doing our yearly volunteering for Rhythm on the River, a fun festival in Longmont with live music and such. We've been volunteering for 3 years now to support them, because it's not just a festival, it's an Eco-Cycle award-winning zero-waste event! Last year, after having several food vendors, swag-distributing advertisers, 300 runners and better than 150,000 people come and go, they ended up with only 7 or 8 small bags of garbage. Everything else was either recycled or composted.

If that isn't flabbergasting, I don't know what is!

It'll be a long day (our first shift is 6-9 AM - yeesh), but we always feel really good having given a little time.

We also really appreciate our a/c when we get home!


Dawn (Dandy) said...

I need those knickers!

Julie said...

I still wear my My Cat Hates You t-shirt to the gym. The arms are frayed but I still love it.

ledwards said...

Can you make me some homemeade knickers...the concept of cutting things up all DIY pales in comparison to your sweet knickers.

Did that come out right? hehe

curegirl0421 said...

Did you just call me "sweet knickers"?! hahahaha