Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Calm and Collected

I had a really lovely weekend, I have to say; I hope you had the same!

Friday night, The Child had a sleepover for which she was picked up prior to my getting home. Before her buddy came to get her, however, she found her old chalk bucket and proceeded to leave me love notes on the driveway.

Click to enlarge!

I sure do love that kid.

I relaxed at home with a bottle of what I thought was regular wine but which turned out to be *sparkling* wine (my favorite), which turned out to be compulsively drinkable, which turned out to be gone fairly quickly. I'm not really much of a drinker, truly, but once in awhile I just get a taste for something relaxing, and this stuff... so yummy.

For some reason, Robocop was playing on IFC... was this an independent film and I just didn't realize it? It's not one that I expected to see on that channel in particular, but I had fun picking out all the actors I didn't know of then that I associate with completely different things now, like Forman's Dad. I always knew he was a hardass, but wow!

I had a nice slow Saturday morning alternately reading and getting the house cleaned in anticipation of allergies, which mostly worked (someday I will have hardwood floors) though not entirely since Dea really enjoys spreading her hair around as much as possible. It's an artform.

Saturday night was delightful - dinner with The Child and TR, at which she got to play junior food critic to her extreme delight (I really need to stop letting her watch so much Food Network).

I got to gift a little tiny painting I did a week or so back, which was nerve-wracking in the weirdest way! I've never made something quite that person-specific before, so I wasn't sure it wouldn't be a flop, or cause massive eye-rolling, but it was well-received so PHEW. I knew it would get a happy home either way, Kid was trying to snitch it for herself before it was even dry... but she's biased.

TR brought goodies from his recent trip to Florida; I love when people think to bring souvenirs back with them, it's such a nice way to share the experience a little bit. I got a 3-D gator swamp magnet, which is fantastic, and two additions to my state collection started by Nova with a trip to Washington a few years ago. Someday I'll have all 50, I swear it... I just wish they were more proportional; the California one is the same size as Arizona, which doesn't work at all.

Picky, picky, picky.

He also brought Nightmare Before Christmas pins (apparently these are extremely collectible, who knew?) obtained at Disney World, which were immediately claimed by The Child as her very own... I had no chance at these, and knew it as soon as I saw them sitting on the seat of his bitchin' van. She has quite a thing for Tim Burton in general, but that movie is her very favorite and has been since she was about 2.

I raised her right.

Sunday I got to do my first recording for AIN which went fairly well although I was fighting with a sinus headache so I wasn't at my best... butchered a word or two, but it was well-hidden. I learned lots of stuff about the state of the town of Telluride, and about "Captain" Jack Carey, a really cool guy who died too young.

Once that was done (it was pretty simple - in and out in an hour and 15) we headed to Barnes & Noble so she could at last use her birthday gift card from Kevin. As luck would have it, they were in the midst of moving across the street, so their usual sale stuff was an additional 50% off... she cleaned up!

All in all a very relaxing and joyful weekend; I'm grateful.

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