Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Wherein I Ramble Wildly

Do you ever think you might be psychic?

I know they say everyone's got a touch of it here and there (knowing when the phone's going to ring, having some old song stuck in your head all day only to turn the radio on and it's playing, calling a friend because you suddenly need to only to find they're upset about something), but do you ever find yourself having a "whoa" moment?

This morning, on the bus reading The Third Angel (and trying not to get carsick), I wound my way through a tale of a wedding, a death and a flashback to a rock star in London who (if I'm predicting correctly) is probably not long for the Earth in this tale. I gave up (nauseated at last, plus my stop was coming up) and popped in my headphones... and Cemeteries of London came on the shuffle. Weird.

After Cemeteries of London... Paint a Vulgar Picture (about a dead rock star).

Maybe my iPod is psychic.

Did the story draw those songs? Or is it all a free-association crap shoot, like finding truth in Nostradamus after the fact? (Speaking of crap shoots, it never fails to amuse me that at the front of the bus, along with all the littering, loud music and anti-food signs there is one that reads "No Gambling". I'd love to know the story behind the reason for that one.)

It's cool and overcast here today, very funereal and quiet and subdued and fall-like. This sort of weather always seems to find me staring at the sky a lot (probably looking like a looney, but whatevs), feeling like I did when I was 17 and goth-tastic.

Well... to be clear, I was less goth than I was pre-Emo, but we didn't have another term for it then besides beatnik, and I wasn't much for jazz.

Anyway, naturally, any song I hear that isn't overly pop-y is going to fit the bill today, whether I'm reading something slightly mystical (all of Alice Hoffman's books are), zoning out remembering the end of Pratt Pier in Chicago on overcast fall days where I'd pretend I was out to sea, or just enjoying the swirling grey sky and wishing I was in a little cottage somewhere cool, with a fire and cats and books and good company and bacon and coffee.

What do you mean by "overly specific" exactly?

What do *you* wish for on gloomy days?

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