Friday, July 31, 2009

F-Word Friday: Freaky

So I had this really weird dream last night, and it's proof that I am mental.

I'm dressed up super-cute, and I find myself with a ticket to a concert. I go in, all by myself after buying some cigarettes (weird by itself - I haven't smoked a cigarette in 2 years!), then climb the stairs in what is clearly the Quidditch World Cup stadium melded with Wrigley Field, and find a space along the railing. I take out a cigarette, but I'm bumped from behind and it breaks in half - I don't try for another.

I'm standing there, feeling all cool, when the concert starts - but it's only a video, with a guy playing keyboard in front of it. The band in the video is a goth-rock Christian band, and I'm mildly annoyed by this, but also find it amusing. I take out my phone to take a picture of the video screen SO I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT (there's your proof, right there)... and suddenly I'm packing up all of my stuff to move out of my father-in-law's house.

Double-you tee eff.

Breaking it down, I think the Christian-rock thing stemmed from the fact that the Promise Keepers have invaded the campus for the weekend (I wore my "Ladies Sewing Circle & Terrorist Society" t-shirt in their honor), the cigarette thing is clearly from heavy Spaced viewing on Hulu (I never think about that anymore but they all smoke on that show), the moving thing is because my father-in-law (aka Colorado Alternadad) just moved into a new house and... I'm a nerd for my blog.

I love this shirt so much

This weekend should be lots of fun... having pizza-and-movie night with The Child (finishing Transformers, which I reluctantly love, and hopefully renting Coraline) tonight, then a lovely leisurely Saturday morning before dropping Kid off with her grampa and heading to Denver Fabrics with TR. I haven't been there as yet, but their website leads me to believe they're a lot like Vogue Fabrics in fabulous Evanston, Illinois. It's the best fabric store IN THE WHOLE WORLD and I miss it terribly, so my expectations are high, but as long as they have a decent notions department I'll be happy. :)

I'll take pictures and report back on Monday - try to contain your excitement.

PS... You really really need to see this: Gallery1988 - Crazy 4 Cult 3D. If you are any kind of fan of cult movies, you will absolutely love it to bits! I found it while researching patterns to make an amigurumi Dude.

There doesn't appear to be one in existence, and it will be rather involved what with robes and sunglasses and beards and White Russians to figure out. I'll keep ya posted, but I have a feeling this may end up a mixed media project - I can sew a little robe from some fleece scraps and make a highball glass out of Fimo, and sunglasses from wire or a tinted pair of doll sunglasses, but I may take the challenge of making the entire thing crochet.

I'm just that crazy.

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Dandy said...

Gallery 1988 is awesome!