Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Bigger Than A Breadbox

So I'm on Facebook with the rest of the world, which is totally fun once you learn to "ignore" all those invitations to causes and games that will eat your computer and steal your personal information.

My whole entire family is on there, along with a whole bunch of people I went to school with that I didn't realize I'd be actual friends with someday, and in general it's an awesome thing to behold.

What I particularly like about Facebook, though, is that a lot of entertainers and performers and artists of one sort or another post things about themselves that I never would have seen or had as part of my existence otherwise.

Like this song by this most excellent woman.

Now don't click if you're, you know, easily offended, but if not...


I guarantee you'll be singing this out loud in no time, although if you're unlucky (like me) you'll do it at an inappropriate time (like me) without realizing it.

(Like me.)

Just in case you hate clicking links, here ya go, but I'll tell you I'm mostly putting this on so I can see this any time I want.


Also thrilling is an addition to the mural project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago! They updated the mural over the weekend publicly, and left some really weird characters behind for us to enjoy.

I think I liked the fish better, but these are still pretty neat! More in the Flickr stream.

Last but not least, I put up a little picture of the love notes The Child left for me last Friday, because I finally remembered my camera!

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Dawn (dandy) said...

I had to email that link to some ladies.

Love it!