Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Bricka-Bracka-Firecracka

I just love a long weekend... they're so luxurious!

We had a fairly relaxing weekend considering the amount of things we accomplished...

Friday was an extremely lazy morning spent watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi (the "New" Twilight Zone's theme song still has the power to creep me out, by the way - I don't think anyone born in the 90's can really understand the terror of a mushroom cloud).

In the afternoon we went to what was our favorite nail salon for a little beautification. I say "was" because we will officially not be going there again... the owners 12-year-old was given the task of filing and prepping my nails, and I wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but I finally decided that for the price, I expect a professional. I politely asked (I may seethe on the inside, but I'm almost always polite) that one of the employees take over, and my request was granted, but it still stuck in my craw.

Add to that the rapidly declining number of employees they seem to have and I think they're on their way out. It's too bad, it really was a nice place... but now I'll be headed to Q Nails across the street... sorry, ladies.

Anyway, after my crappy manicure, I headed to the grocery store for supplies for our Thanksgiving In July with Melissa & friends... she had a turkey to cook so we figured it was as good a time as any for stuffing and mashed potatoes!

Saturday we headed with Melissa up to Wyoming to purchase fireworks, since surface-to-air missiles are illegal in Colorado for some reason. I'm not sure why anyone needs that much firepower, but at the very least we knew they'd have a better ground-level selection, and they so did!

Best name ever

You just know these warnings are necessary for some people

I wasn't able to get a photo, but we passed three semis hauling the turbines for those mammoth windmills - they seem even bigger when they're in pieces like that, like some sort of giant Erector Set.

Saturday evening was lots of fun despite the Rockies loss to the Diamondbacks; it was a big-scoring game which is always fun, and The Child hadn't been to a big-league game in ages, so I got to re-introduce her older self to the fun of a live ballgame, complete with the decadence of having cotton candy come to YOU. It was also perfect weather since we had been under a huge storm not 2 hours before... the seats were still wet!

After the game and a little waiting while the blast-zone was cleared, they put on a spectacular fireworks display, the end of which was loud enough to leave my ears ringing for hours afterward... but you know how I feel about fireworks. Go big or go home!

Naturally we didn't make it home until about 1:30 or so (the Wyoming fireworks didn't happen, but they'll wait!), and that is way late for yours truly. I ended up sleeping on and off until easily 12:30 in the afternoon, and spent the afternoon working on that blanket I mentioned, and another which is working up much more quickly.

All in all, it was a very full, very fun weekend... I think we might try for a Rockies game every year in some capacity or another, but I guarantee we won't have seats like we did this year ever again!

This is without the zoom! We had to duck foul balls! AWESOME.

A beautiful sunset - the product of all that rain

The Rock Pile, where we'll be next year no doubt - but we get to sit on the field for fireworks so there's the payoff!

Hope your 4th was fun! Tomorrow... a new theme!

Try to contain your excitement.

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Julie said...

Dayum! I looked around and found the video for the finale - just amazing - and I watched it twice!