Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Damn The Man, Save The Empire!

Writing a daily blog is a funny thing.

Not only do I feel like a real neomaxizoomdweebie whenever I say "oh, I'll have to blog about this!" out loud, I also occassionally run out of ideas.

I know, shocking right?!

So I was sitting there last night, watching Empire Records for the umpteenth time and thinking "I'll have to blog about this" with no shame whatsoever, but trying to figure out where exactly I would put it in without having it seem too random, and then it came to me... NEW THEME!

From here on in, Tuesdays will be Totally Random Tuesdays, a place for me to recommend a book, tell you about a fantastic movie, maybe tell you about a dream I once had or share a story from high school (there are so many).

Feel free to join in on Totally Random Tuesday as well! Take the opportunity to do something different with your day. Stop into that restaurant you've been meaning to try, call someone you haven't spoken to in awhile just to say hi, learn a new craft, or hey just tell me about one of *your* favorite things!

Leave a comment and tell me what you did with your Totally Random Tuesday!

And so, to break the virtual champagne bottle on the side of this new idea, I present...


I'm not sure if this movie got a lot of press or in-theatre business when it came out (it was October 1995 and I was busy being pregnant), but when I finally saw it I fell deeply in love immediately.

Despite it being a solidly grunge-era setting, this movie really holds up, sort of like The Breakfast Club did.

Everyone's been friends with these folks... the lovable if exasperating ne'er-do-well, the frustrated parental figure, the uptight goody-two-shoes dying to bust out with a good scream, the sweet stoner, the artist in love, the rebel who hides their inner terror of everything by shocking you into not seeing it... you know these people. You probably are one or more of these people... we're all a little multi-natured.

Then there are the situations we've all been in and probably still deal with despite our rapidly advancing ages - unrequited love, money trouble, rotten kids who won't listen, being under the thumb of corporations and situations we can't control, friends whose troubles we can't fix no matter how hard we try...

Add to that the fact that it is infinitely quote-able, has an ass-kicking soundtrack, Renee Zellweger pre-post-Bridget-Jones-face-pinching-thinification, Liv Tyler before anyone knew her as more than Steven Tyler's kid, and someone getting eaten on stage by GWAR, and you have near-perfection in cinematic form.


Go check it out, and tell me what you think!

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Dawn said...

I'm going to watch this tonight.. while I run around in just an apron!
Welcome to Dawn Town, may I service you?

Before I shaved my head we watched a bunh of movies that included women shaving their heads.. this was one of them. Love it!