Friday, July 17, 2009

F-Word Friday: Fortune's Favor

I love to read.

In particular, I love to read aloud to others, or even just to myself (which makes me sound insane when I do this and don't realize someone is in earshot), so you can imagine my delight at having found an outlet for this hobby that could also do the world some good!

Having found this outlet, I also was reminded how fortunate I am that I have my sight, although I was not particularly observant when entering their offices... it took me a few seconds to figure out why I was being ignored by everyone in the room. Trust me, I mocked myself enough for everyone later, what a dope!

(Internal Editor - And so a new theme was born. F-Word Friday! Excuse me while I rename a couple of old posts.)

I went to AIN yesterday to "audition" for the position - understandable, since nobody wants to hear Gilbert Gottfried reading the daily paper. They had me sit down and read & record two articles, the second of which was bizarre to hear played back. It was all about the preservation of various native languages in the Pacific Northwest, complete with the names of same like Tsimshian, Tlingit, Kiksht, Skagit & Ichishkiin, and it was weird enough hearing my recorded voice (is that really how I sound?!) but moreover highly amusing to hear myself butchering the names of these native tongues. It sounded like I was trying to recite the alphabet around a mouthful of Fluff.

Considering it was a cold read, the director said I did pretty well, and having successfully pronounced most of the items on the list of hard words (I only killed 2, one I knew I was doing and one I thought was misspelled), and having *not* sneezed on or coughed into the microphone, for the next 3 Sundays (then I'll be assigned something else) I'll be reading the Telluride News, which will be broadcast on their private network on Wednesday mornings. I get to pick and choose what I read from the paper, and introduce the stories in a smooth sort of way, so basically I can pretend I'm hosting my very own All Things Considered episode! Fun and functional, just how I like life to be.

I don't know if anyone will actually hear it, but it'll be fun to do and I'm glad it'll be there if someone wants it.

Have a wonderful weekend... get out there and see something beautiful, and be thankful for your sight!


Dawn (Dandy) said...

Thats pretty cool! See how you are helping the world?! I detest microphones.. they make me nervous.

Julie said...

That is FUCKING AWESOME! Why didn't you tell me about this?

Julie said...

Oh, dear, I hope no one thinks that sweet little girl in the picture said that word.

Nova and Ma said...

You never ever cease to amaze...fucking amazing!

curegirl0421 said...

HAHAHA I love that my family swears at me en-blog. :)

Well, swears *with* me.

Anyway it turned out pretty well... see Monday's post which is forthcoming!