Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Stuff I Found

Happy Fall!

I can't believe the summer is gone already... but time flies when you're having fun! (And I did this year.)

Today is truly totally random, but only because I'm still a bit over-mellowed from my soaking this weekend, and have teh dumbs.

Enjoy this (it has swears, but it's funny anyway!) which I loved in particular because anything featuring Jamie from Mythbusters is a win, and the following photo which was almost more awesome than I could handle this morning.

I love this so much

Last but not least, go check out Dandy's blog... she's got some awesome videos for the first day of Fall that will have you bundling up and checking for ripe pumpkins before you know it.

Here's my favorite of the three she posted:

Tumbledown Fall Montage from Desi Van Til on Vimeo.

Have a wonderful fall day! Eat an apple, have some cocoa, but for goodness sake don't start with the holiday decor yet. It's too early.

1 comment:

Dandy said...

That picture is priceless!!

I loved that video the most. I want to go for a walk thru the woods.

Only there are no woods here.