Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Birthday Wishes

Okay first off, I have to tell you that it is Ms.-Almost-Mrs. Dandy's birthday (well, yesterday).

Not only is it her birthday it's her 30th birthday. I told her don't even sweat it - I've been 30 for 5 years or so and I still act like a tiny, tiny child so there ya go. Go wish her a Happy Birthday!

Secondly, also in Ms.-Almost-Mrs. Dandy news, look what she sent me for helping her with her cranes of doom:

Is that gorgeous? I'm wearing it right this minute. (Go check out the shop from whence it came, Hawkstone Creations!)

It is, of course, too much for having done so little, not surprising as she is a generous soul. I was delighted.

I love it, and received it on a day when it was gloomy and rainy and it brightened my whole weekend.

It was also TR's birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday TR! He had a good one by all accounts, what with seeing U2 in Chicago for the kickoff of their US tour, and staying in a posh hotel room, and eating at Lou Malnati's for dinner.

Mmmm, Lou Malnati's. Did you know that you can have their pizza delivered anywhere, for the low low price of 80.00 plus shipping?

Yeah, it's almost worth it. But now that Rosati's opened near me, I think I'll just stick with them and save Lou's for next time I visit.

Between them, Hackney's, Carson's, Portillo's and the million other stellar only-in-Chicago places to eat that I love there, not the least of which was the plethora of hot dog/hamburger/Greek chicken establishments that pepper the North Side, it's no wonder I weighed 30 pounds more in Chicago!

Indescribable and totally worth the calories. And now I'm hungry.

I can't show you what I made for TR's birthday yet, it's small and silly but I haven't given it to him as yet, but it's really cute and I promise photos next week.

I spent most of the weekend just hanging with my kid, dreaming of pizza and admiring my new necklace. It was lovely and low on stress, and really what more can I ask of my precious few days off than "not filled with upheaval"?

Not much, says I.

I did *not* get anything made for the shop, but I did explore some ideas for cute little things like bookmarks and sleepmasks and other stuff to do with those crazy bowls, and you should be seeing them soon. I know you're waiting with baited breath.

Happy Monday!

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Dandy said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out! And the birthday wishes. And just so you know I saw this on Monday but I've been having computer problems and have a hard time with commenting.