Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Figure It Out

Okay so you know how I work with some of the most moronic smart people ever?

I love them, but they're so dumb sometimes I'm amazed they can find which end of the bed to exit in the morning. Thankfully it's a small percentage of the population here or I'd have run screaming and/or gotten stabby by now.

Well, I would have run screaming/gotten stabby more *often*.

Anyway we have a new system coming up here at my fine place of employment in the next few months. It will accomplish all the usual stuff, but it will look and act differently, and it will involve a little more self-direction than some of the folks here are used to.

They'll have to figure some stuff out. This leads to the obvious question, the one I'm going to be asking myself again and again in the coming changeover.

Why do some smart people have such a hard time figuring things out for themselves?

It drives me nuts.

Is it a lack of self-directed motivational opportunities as children?

Is it a limited amount of space in their heads, wherein a Ph.D. leaves no room for common sense?

Is it just pure laziness?

I hate to think it's the latter, I mean these are scientists for crying out loud. I want to think of them as intelligent but scatter-brained individuals, Doc Brown types who try their best but really do need we happy few who can work a software update to help them find their way.

You can invent time travel, but not fill out a travel voucher? *sigh*

Oh well, I guess I should just be happy with the knowledge that the little cogs of the world are run by you and me, and not them.

Maybe they're *right* to leave this stuff to us.

I still want to send these sometimes, though. I never would, but...



Dandy said...

~snicker~ Does that mean those of us with common sense can't know what the square root of pi is?

Actually, I think thats exactly what it means ;)

Chris said...

C'mon, that's not really fair. I don't know how to use our office supply order system, but I challenge our secretary to do my job. If it's not your primary job function or something you don't do regularly, you aren't necessarily going to be able to do it without asking questions. It's not a matter of being dumb... it's lack of familiarity and/or something not being your area of expertise. - But to your other point, yes, after I crammed to pass the CPA in one shot, I became far stupider. I regularly blame the fact that I crammed too much info into my brain to fit any more in during the years since. (and BTW I could totally figure out the office supply system if I ever had to... so there :P )

curegirl0421 said...

Exactly, Chris! If you had to, you could totally figure it out, because you have teh smarts!

A few of these folks here?

Not so much. :)