Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Here, Kitteh Kitteh

Ok you may have had your fill of Lolcats for the century, but you know what?

I have not.

I may not ever.

They always make me smile and laugh (dare I say... out loud?) and yes, I'll admit... I pepper my speech with the occasional "nom" or "i can has"...

So sue me.

(I can has lawyer?)

I challenge you cynics, however, not to at least smile at the following video...

Go ahead, try to keep a straight face.

I dare you.


Ruth Covington said...

I LOVE LOLCats! Heather and I send them back and forth constantly! We are especially fond of monorail kittehs. :-)

Dandy said...

I check that site every single day!