Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Winnah!

I went to GWD trivia last night with Melissa, and we kicked ass!

My cheap little heart is tickled that we got first place again.

It means that even though we blew our 25 dollar gift certificate and a beer token from last week, I walked *out* with another 25 dollar certificate and a spare beer token.

I broke even! This is so the way to go.

Finally, all the random crap in my head is paying off!!

The girls in the next booth were a bunch of whiners, though.

At the end of a few of the rounds, there's a bonus question, and the way I learned down at the D Note is that you run up to the podium (or booth, in this case) and stand, pen and paper in hand, ready to pounce with your answer, since the first person with the right answer gets a free drink.

Naturally, sitting at your table and writing it down with the idea of then going up to the podium/booth isn't going to win you anything!

But boy did I get dirty looks.

"Geez, way to be overeager," one girl said, to which I replied...

"Well, get up then!"

I mean what do they want, a silver platter?! Yeesh.

I won one of the bonus rounds by knowing that the term for the glow that some creatures naturally emit is called bioluminescence (fascinating stuff... click it!), and one more for knowing that it's the leaves of the dill weed that are used as a foodstuff.

Go me!

I really need to get one of these though, if I'm going to continue frequenting Pumphouse for this.

There are maybe 8 big-screen TVs all over the place, all showing one of 4 channels. It's irritating as hell, and I take no small amount of pleasure in the fact that during our 2 hours of fun, you can't hear even one of them over our Quizmaster's DJ skills.

Oh and I'm petitioning for new team names, by the way... I know some teams stick with the same name every week, but there's national championship or anything, no Big 10 bracket that requires name recognition, so why not have fun with it!?

Last night we were "Two Days Two Late", in honor of a smutty story Melissa told me, and next time I think we'll go with "That Sounds Dirty". My cleverness knows many, many bounds, however, so any fun monikers would be appreciated!!

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