Friday, April 2, 2010

F-Word Friday: Friends List

New blog alert!

Let me introduce my Kid. She's pretty awesome, as you know, and she started her very own blog!

I told her, no swears. Not til she's 18.

(Insert teen angst eyeroll here.)

So are you on Facebook?

I am, but not as much as some folks who shall remain nameless and are devoted to their imaginary farms.

I like it as a social network and a place to reconnect with folks from "ago" (as Uncle Stevie would put it), but TR and I were talking last night about how it's occassionally necessary to put your friends list on a diet.

My list is pretty varied, which is fun, but it seems a bit large!

There's my family of course. If they weren't on there, I wouldn't talk to them as much, only because everyone's lives, including mine, are so busy! I don't think to sit and write letters, but with Facebook I can see updates and interact with them, and we probably know more about what's going on with each other than we would have even if we *were* motivated to write letters. We share old photos as a family, keep updated on each others exploits...

It's great!

So they don't get snipped from the list (family is exempted - it's just bad form), but there are a few who (I'll admit) have gotten the "Hide" button used on them. I just don't need to hear every song lyric that enters their heads, ya know? But I still want to keep in touch.

The rest are, if not actual friends with whom I'm actually actively involved, the "friends" that, when I added them, I hadn't seen or heard from in 20 years, give or take. Several of that group have proven to be folks I missed and was glad to reconnect with, but most were passing fancies and fits of nostalgia. I'm sure they feel the same, and don't even notice when I remove them, just as I wouldn't notice if they removed me!

Why were they on there in the first place, you ask?

Well you know how it was when you first started your Facebook... you trolled your real-life friends' friend lists, and got all excited when you found Classmate A, who was your seatmate in 3rd grade. You looked at Classmate A's list and were shocked to find they knew Girl Scout Camper B, who you were besties with for 2 weeks in 6th grade, who subsequently was friends with Club Kid C who you hung out with on a regular basis for 7 months in 1991.

And when those people accepted your friend requests, you got all nostalgic, and even exchanged a wall post or two, right? Memory lane was traipsed, "remember whens" full executed, maybe you even exchanged an embarrassing Flock Of Seaguls hairdo photo or two.

But that was 2 years ago... have you even talked to them since?



And it's okay. (But copy the pictures first.)

Happy Friday!

And Happy Easter if that's your thing. Wish me luck on the lamb cake!


Elle Bee said...

This is Facebook to a T! So funny. I haven't carved up my friends list yet, but it sure could use it.

Julie said...

1) I would have read this post sooner but I was too busy harvesting.

2) Pics of lamb cake are required.

3) Kid so needs to change the name of her blog.

curegirl0421 said...

@ Elle - trust me, it's like when you move and throw out bag up on bag of stuff. You'll sleep the sleep of the unfettered!

@ Mom -

1) Figures.
2) Check back Monday!
3) Already done.

Dandy said...

I'm on facebook and I have a gazillion friends for so many reasons. High school, grade school, college, family, the interwebs- people I've never actually met in real life, etc.

Of course, now I'll be searching you out. I go on in bursts. A few months without a few days non-stop.

B is always on my page (as he doesn't want his own) playing Mafia wars... don't even get me started. And now I have his friends as friends.

Its facebook madness.