Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Catchup - WHAT THE HELL DUDES

So, um...

Remember how I killed those 3 spiders on Earth Day, and mentioned I might rue the day?

There was some serious ruage Friday.

Okay so I'm sitting in my easy chair, messing around on Le Mac, and I see skittering along the far wall one very creepy crawler.


I sit back down, and glance over to see...

10 more.

4 on the ceiling on the living room ceiling, 3 on the hallway, and 2 on the wall on the far side.


Over the course of the next hour I...
  • Smashed several more spiders... I lost count after about 50
  • Flinched
  • Freaked out
  • Prayed for a Terminix man to appear at my door
  • Flinched some more
  • Stared at the walls/ceiling
  • Called TR and prayed he'd get my message (the phrase I NEED AN ADULT has never been truer than it was at that moment for me)
  • Moved from room to room like I was doing some sort of FBI sweep
Thankfully TR did in fact get my panicked cry for help and came to our rescue. We packed a bag as quickly as possible and got the hell out of dodge!

Now you may think this was an over-reaction but...


TR made me feel better by reminding me that there's a reason people fear spiders and other crawly things. Generally they are poisonous, and our instincts are to avoid such things.

Can't argue with that.

We didn't actually get to sleep until about 4 or 5 in the morning on Saturday (we left the house at 2AM, and needed to relax when we got down to Denver, which was readily accomplished through the clever use of Strongbow cider and Avatar), so we didn't manage to get up and moving til about 3PM Saturday.

I had planned on getting a lot more done on Saturday than sleeping and imagining my house in various Deadly Cargo/Kingdom of the Spiders scenarios, but I really did exhaust myself stressing over the eight-legged marauders.

Oh William Shatner, how I love thee

Instead, we lazed about (The Kid happily ensconced in internet-land on TR's giant monitor) and went for Thai Basil for a late lunch. The Kid hadn't had good Thai in ages so she was thrilled!

We got home about 6PM, after a quick stop at Lowes for long-cuff gloves and spider spray, and thankfully didn't see anything. We thoroughly cleaned The Kid's room (she had a lot of stuff in piles on the floor - prime hidey-hole material) and left no nook un-inspected.

Well, I say "we cleaned" but I mean "I cleaned". I made The Kid take me for ice cream after.

I stayed up late to monitor for activity, since TR had figured (and verified) that the combo of warmth, followed by 3 days of rain, followed by a cold snap had caused the critters to decide my rooms were a lot more inhabitable than the crawlspace where they normally hang out, minding their business.

Midnight came and went and I finally took my chances...

And slept.

I did not wake up, as I had feared, in a cocoon, and only saw one all morning, by the back door (which is pretty normal for this time of year).

So now, it's a couple of days later and things seem to be going well.

I'm still a bit jumpy though. Stupid creatures.

Anyway Sunday was fun! The Kid gathered her gear and about 2PM we headed down to Denver for the first Rollerpunks practice, held in the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls' training facility, which reminded me of every skate-shop I ever went to as a wayward teen. Stickers on the walls, music blaring, hair of every color...

If it's wrong to live vicariously through my kid a little, well then so be it because we are *both* having a blast!

Thankfully the lovely Rollergirls in attendance were very understanding of my lack of knowledge about the skates themselves, and helped get The Kid's in line. Next week should be a lot easier on her.

I was very pleased to find that getting to the facility only takes about 30 minutes - I really envisioned that we'd be schlepping an hour each way! Awesome.

And look how cute!

Last but not least... look what's growing in front of my house!

I didn't plant any, which just makes it cooler. Wild-growing tulips!

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Dandy said...

What in the world is going on there?! You have some sort of a nest! Ack!

I would be of no help in that situation.