Friday, April 16, 2010

F-Word Friday: F for Effort

This morning, I dutifully got The Kid up (despite our late night) at 6:30.

I got her to get dressed and ready for her field trip to Denver for a MESA competition, figuring that we'd better get there early for the pre-trip meeting of the minds I assumed they'd have. Besides, I needed to sign a permission slip, since I'd never seen one. We were dressed and fed and there by 7:20.

Seeing that the door she usually enters for these before-school things was propped open, we entered the building and headed for the classroom in which the MESA meetings are usually held. There, on the wall, was a packet of permission slips. I slipped a sheet from the packet and read...

"MESA Rollercoaster Competition Permission Slip. When: Friday April 16, 6:15 AM - 3:40 PM".

We missed the bus. By an hour! Do you have any idea how much I *hate* being late, much less missing stuff?!

Let me backtrack a little for you...

When leaving at 4AM last Sunday, one of The Kid's MESA instructors said "So, are we ready for the competition Friday?" I told him I hadn't seen a permission slip yet, and he let me know he'd have the other instructor email me some info. Never happened.

I couldn't think what to do, I didn't want her getting in trouble, so we went to the office to wait for someone with power to come and help us get a hold of the teacher on the trip and let us know whether or not she needed to attend or if she could just go home!

Long story short (or longer, as it were)...

I drove to Speer & Auraria at 8AM so that my kid could get out at a stoplight and join her teacher, who was waiting for her there.

And you know what? By the time I got to work an hour later, they were already done, and had nothing left to do but sit around for the rest of the day.

For this I drove all the way down there? Yeesh.

Oh well, the silver lining is that it was a good lesson for The Kid about not letting her team down.

Or something.


The abysmally hard quiz of Wednesday was all but forgotten in last night's incredible run! Our team was awesome, and it was definitely one of those group efforts that wouldn't have happened without all of us chiming in equally, which we all did, and beat everyone's asses for them.

And I won the email bonus question prize for knowing Sarah Palin likes bendy straws!

I can't believe I just put her name in my blog.

I feel dirty.

Guaranteed to increase the value of your car by 5000%!

There, that's better!

Dinner beforehand at Furr's with TR was delicious, of course (I forgot to get Salisbury steak though, dammit!), but I was seriously distracted by some awful news.

Good thoughts/prayers/presents/money towards my Mom, if you please, and taunts/daggers/blowdarts/cannonfire at her former employer.

She's trying to be positive, but as one friend so aptly put it, she was cold-cocked. That takes adjustment.

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