Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: "She Is REALLY Big!"


Remember how we won first place the last 2 weeks at Trivia?

Last night... 4th place. Ouch!

But you know it's just one of those things. You never know what categories will find their niche with this team or that, and last night's questions about video games and Auto-tuned music were perfectly suited for the young geeks behind us. Good for them! It's no fun if the same folks win every time, after all.

I don't know if I'll be going back to Pumphouse very often anymore, though, because they've moved where they do the trivia from the sports bar section with booths and tables to the other side of the bar, where it's just tables. It would be fine except they're those tall tables with stools, and I can't sit on those for 2 hours. I ended up having to take ibuprofen last night to take the swelling in my back down so my legs would stop hurting and I could sleep!

That's okay, though, because driving to work this morning, I received the following images via cell phone from my darling daughter:

Gorgeous, huh? And not bad for a cell phone! I like that the clouds changed so quickly. Must be a windy day today.

I responded back with "Wow!" and she replied...

"Yeah... she's REALLY big!"

I'm glad to hear it, actually. I remember seeing Mount Rushmore and wondering "Is that it?!".

Seriously, it looks so tiny! I'm sure it's huge up close but you can't get near enough to tell. Standing right at the base of Lady Liberty though?

It must be amazing.

She sent these Tuesday night:

She didn't want to carry her camera in New York, for fear of losing stuff, but I think it was just as well since she was able to be hands free.

And oh, the shopping.

So educational.

Well at least she's having fun! She's home late tonight, about 11PM at the school (thank goodness, I really didn't want to have to go to the airport, and frankly for the price of this trip they can schlep them back up).

I can't wait to see all her pictures and goodies!

I know, however, that if I go home first I will fall asleep on the couch and awake with a jerk to realize it's 5 to 11. So instead I'm trying my luck down with Trivia at D Note after dinner with TR at Furr's (mmmm, hope they have mac and cheese!). That should keep me out late enough that I'll be back in time to pick her up!

Let's hope I do better than last night!

It seems I probably won't attend the Harry Potter quiz next weekend, though... the 2PM slot has already sold out (I didn't even think to reserve a table), and they added a 5PM slot but we have to go to Denver the next afternoon, and I'm sitting The Kid's grampa's dogs, so it's probably just as well.

They'll probably do one of those again, so we'll just shoot for next time.

Why are we going to Denver the next afternoon, you ask?

Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks practice, that's why. My girl's a Derby girl. I'm so proud!!

The overhead was pretty low for this, thank goodness. I shelled out for new skates (if she gets serious they will get replaced with better ones, but these are a good start) and a helmet, and pads and a mouth guard of course.

I'm trying very hard not to get volunteeritis with this adventure.

I'm offering some Girl Scout Leader advice as far as what I've seen, and only because the ladies running this asked for input, but I'm really going to try to just consult on this one, and let the grunt work stay with the parents who don't live an hour away from the practice space.


I just know I'm going to get pulled in. I just KNOW it!!!

Lord help me to not say "I'll do it".

Besides, I already volunteered to run a carpool group if there are other kids from my neck of the woods.

See how it starts?


Happy Thursday!


Julie said...

You are such a good mom!

boxrpupysrcool said...

You won't get pulled in if you don't wanna! I think there's plenty of parents already working on it. (And trust me, you get no power anyway)
Oh by the way, I'm Alicia! :)
I founded RMRP

curegirl0421 said...

Hahaha, hi Alicia! :) Nah, it's cool, I actually kind of love it.

It's a great way for the Kid and myself to hang together and be involved in something as a team. It's just kind of a running gag that I manage to volunteer for things on a regular basis - that's the "volunteeritis" I mentioned. It's gotten me involved in some fun stuff though, so I'm only mock-bitching. ;)

Truly, I'm looking forward to helping out, although I'm glad to hear there's so much parent involvement, because I'm too far to be very effective ya know?