Friday, April 23, 2010

F-Word Friday: Four Legs Or Less

I have to apologize for my lack of Tuesday or Thursday posts this week.

I know you were all "WHY HAS SHE FORSAKEN US" but I promise it wasn't you, just a whole lot of work and rain and generally trying to get too much stuff done in a week and exhausting myself.

Also there were spiders. I f'ing hate spiders, I don't care how beneficial they are. And you know, it's cool, they can live in my house as long as they stay hidden.

I'm sure it's extra wrong that I killed 3 spiders in my house on Earth Day.

You can judge if you like, but you didn't see them.

Allie from Hyperbole And A Half drew that picture, and it's a fairly accurate depiction of what kind of spiders appear in my home during their Spring migration to terrorize the world outside my basement.

And they do that, you know. They're like evil clowns and zombies that hide in closets... they jump out at you and freak you out and make you have cooties for the rest of the night.

Frickin' spiders.

ANYWAY. That's why there was no post on Tuesday or Thursday.

Moving on.

Last night TR & I had dinner at Udi's, which I thought just made bread but who in fact are trying their hand at restaurant... er, restauranteering? Restauranting? I don't know.

Anyway it totally rocked. TR got this French onion soup that was totally delicious, plus a Cuban sandwich that despite them forgetting and putting the pickle on was possibly the best ever. The bread made it, of course, it *is* their specialty after all!

I had chicken shnitzle, which was exactly as awesome as it's name and came with what I almost substituted out - German potato salad.

I hate German potato salad, although admittedly before yesterday I had only ever had your standard-issue grocery store comes-in-a-giant-milk-carton variety, and it always looks so... mushy. And it makes that disgusting squelchy sound when you try to dish some up. And it's COLD. Who likes cold potatoes?! Gag!


"Get the salad," the server insisted. "Trust me."

She totally wins.

It was this concoction of perfectly crispy-on-the-outside pieces of red potato and sweet potato, combined with some greens, lovely tangy onions and capers, all served hot and drenched in this delightfully vinegary Dijon mustard sauce.

I want more of it as soon as possible.

After dinner, we walked the 30 feet to D Note for Trivia, where we won AGAIN! We came from fifth place to first because we are an awesome team, and Mecha Panda Monkey Octopus Eaters Anonymous can just go take a hike.

That made no sense to you, and it's alright. Suffice it to say they are a rival team and we kicked their asses.

After Trivia we hung out for awhile, basking in the glory of our victory, and then I went home with my cupcakes (thanks TR!) to hang with The Kid and her creepy baby.

Oh did I not mention the creepy baby?


Thank goodness she only had it for one night. I can't imagine having this thing in my house for a whole week, just laying there, breathing and staring at me.


Happy Friday!


Dandy said...

Eeew, that baby would give me nightmares. Like women who collect those dolls of lifelike newborns and treat them like actual babies.

I think sweet potatoes in potato salad is brilliant!

So the other night I saw a spider and Craig was supposed to get it but he didn't and I couldn't sleep so I woke him up and made him find it. That is all.

Julie said...

Mecha Panda Monkey Octopus Eaters Anonymous

Best team name ever.

curegirl0421 said...

PS... those 3 spiders? Just the scouting crew. Stay tuned.