Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Get It Right, Quizmaster

You may have heard I enjoy trivia, in particular Geeks Who Drink trivia because it's fun and often sorta salty.

So you can bet I was totally excited when I heard that GWD was coming to a bar not 5 minutes from my house!

The Pumphouse is a nice place, good food (if a little pricey), a bar that's attached but with a separate entrance (nice when you bring your family), and a brewery on-site so they often have some really delicious microbrews, like last night's Blackberry Blonde which was lovely, unlike our crappy server.


So this was week 2 of GWD being held there, and I went with Melissa and her friend Lou. I also brought the Kid since a quick look at last week's blog for this event showed a tamer crowd than tends to frequent the D Note where I usually go, at least so far. (The most risque name last week was "Dang".) Not that their deeply filthy or anything, but they definitely name themselves like a bunch of 12 year old boys down there!

Honestly I probably could bring the Kid to D Note, I mean she's 14 and lives with me. She doesn't exactly have tender ears. And she totally helped last night... I would never have remembered that Daffy Duck and Donald Duck are the ones playing the dueling pianos in Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

Melissa & I came up with a deliciously spicy name for our team ("Quit Saying 'F***' You Guys, I Brought My Kid!"), but decided that we didn't want to be the ones to get GWD banned from the Pumphouse their second week in, so instead we went with "Bilbo... wait, what?!", which the quizmaster totally didn't get. It was meant to be mildly dirty, you know like somebody might mis-hear "Bilbo" and say "wait....what?!".

Get it?


Well, WE thought it was funny.

Of course I thought "Bastard Children of Apollo OH NOOOOO!" was funny too, but I think Chris & Robyn were just humoring me, bless their hearts.


Although we tanked a couple of rounds, after all was said and done, we got first place!

Fun facts learned:

* There are an unbelievable amount of covers of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and some of them are awful, but not Justin Timberlake's, and no I'm not kidding. Go listen!

* Rambo was a book first. (Who knew this?!)

* Perching on a stool for 2 hours make your feet hurt.

Happy Thursday!

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Dandy said...

I haven't seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit in years?!

I cannot believe that Rambo was a book. WTF?

Yay for first place!