Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Child: Washington/New York Trip Photos!

Maybe a new theme?

Wednesday's Child could be the day I tell you something delightful about The Kid. But then every day is that day, so basically a) I wanted to share trip pictures and b) "WTF Wednesday" didn't quite fit.

So! Trip photos!

As requested by The Kid, I did not delete even one of her pictures. This means there are about 600 or so, but there are some really awesome ones I thought I'd share!

Do yourself a favor and click the pictures to see them full size!

This is a nice shot from the plane:

Very clear, considering it's through a thick piece of plexiglass!

They went to the Jefferson Memorial first.

Really cool building. She took some neat perspective shots, but this one is my favorite:

This is a nice combo shot with the Washington Monument in the background:

The Kid on the steps of the monument...looking like she will when she's 18. SCARY.

Later in the evening...

The next day they went to the National Cathedral. She learned all about gargoyles at the cathedral for a report she did before the trip, so she was thrilled to get to see them in person.

It's hard to get good stained glass shots, but she managed!

And they got to go up into the Washington Monument! Awesome.

They went to the Capitol Building as well, and she took a nice shot of the inside of the dome.

Finally they went to Arlington, and she got a good closeup of a cherry blossom. At least I think that's what this is!

She didn't take many pictures in New York, since she was fearful of losing her camera, but she did take a really nice photo in Central Park! Very New Yorky.

Unfortunately they couldn't take photos everywhere, like the White House and such, but she did take those nice camera-phone photos of 30 Rock and the Statue of Liberty I showed you, so that's something!

All in all I think she had a great time; I know she'd like to see both places again and have more time. Next time I'll go with her!


Julie said...

Me too go next time, yah?

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Dandy said...

Wow, she took some really great shots!

I'm super impressed... and jealous. I want to go!