Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday: Roll Your Own Blog

I have some new followers! Look at me being all internety.

Some of them seem to be much more advanced than I, what with all their widgeting and such, but I do have quite a few listed over on the right there...

You should check them out!

New to the list, other than my fabulous child's burgeoning blog, are Workforced, which amuses me greatly and is written by someone with excellent musical taste, and The Midnight Writer, who commented yesterday and has an extremely involved blog and political views I admire greatly.

Looking at their blogs and being a snoop means I read all their comments, which usually means I find even *more* things to read in the blogs of other comment authors, and before I know it it's been 3 hours, but I have found some truly fabulous folks this way, including Mrs. Dandy The Expectant and Finny The Crafty, not to mention The Pioneer Woman, who taught me how to cook some of my favorite meals with all her lovely photos.

(And that, children, is a run-on sentence. I can live with it, though.)

I remember hearing some fears voiced about the idea that the rise of the internet would foster less socializing, less interaction between people in the real world. I think we were headed there anyway (ever worked in a cube farm?), and granted there are definitely some folks who need to get out and gain some sunlight now and again, but generally speaking I think all these opportunities to communicate with strangers has done the exact *opposite* of what "they" feared.

Sure, some of that communication can be mildly disturbing and nothing you'd want to repeat (I'm looking at you, Omegle - if you choose to click don't say I didn't warn you), but most of the time you find you've met some amazing people, and know more about them than you do about some of the people you actually see every day! Even if you rarely meet these folks in real life, it doesn't mean you don't know them well.

I have grown to really love sharing my life with all you fine folks, even if it's a scrubbed up and pretty version, although that version has its merits! It's a lot easier to put the rotten stuff to the side and concentrate on the good stuff when you're doing it for an audience...

Even if it's an audience of 5.

Eh, I'm babbling today.

It happens.

It's a very If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, stream of consciousness sort of day.

Tonight, it's off to Target to finish shopping for Washington/DC trip stuff for The Kid, the geography bee into which she was roped (they were a person short of a team and she was needed), and a visit from TR who has some fabulous books to share with her since she'll be visiting the Smithsonian museums, in particular the Air & Space Museum and Portrait Gallery... he (rightly) figured she'd maybe get more out of them if she had a good idea of what was there!

Thanks TR... I appreciate the schlepping you do.

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