Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WTF Wednesday - 4... 3... 2... 1...

Earth belo-o-o-w us, drifting faaaaaalling...

Oh, hi!

Sorry, I had that song stuck in my head. And now you do too! Muwahahahaha.

So TR is looking for interesting places to live. So far he's found some gorgeous places that cost billions of dollars (well no, but they might as well!), a school complex in the middle of Kansas, and...

Missile bases! Neat places, those. Check out a little history!

Hopefully these aren't still lurking...

Who knew these were even for sale!?

This one's neat...

It reminds me of The Jetsons, only with less robots and stars

It's all redone and has a cool above-ground log cabin (click the picture, it's actually quite lovely!), but the rest of them are a teeeeeensy bit creepy.


Doesn't that look like creatures will come shambling through there at any minute?! *shudder*

Your murderer will flay you now.

I think I need a tetanus shot. Also, my mommy.

But hey, maybe I just lack vision! Look at what people have done with their missile bases!

Jackson Heights High School in Kansas used to be a base, and while I would run screaming from the "before" picture, somebody definitely had imagination.

BEFORE: One, two Freddy's coming for you. RUUUUUUN!

AFTER: Um... cute! I think!

Pretty awesome... I bet those stripes were fun to paint!

No trivia tonight, I'm still recovering from the bar stools last week!

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday, up in the open air!

1 comment:

Dandy said...

Only you guys would find these things!

Really though, the one with the cabin is pretty cool. I really crave sunlight so I might be a little freaked out (since I'm afraid of the dark) but it gets an A+ for originality!