Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Party Party Party

Friday night was nice. The Kid had a birthday party to go to with an Alice In Wonderland theme, and she decided to be the Cheshire Cat.

Showing yet again that she did indeed inherit the Kraft Krazy, she concocted a 5-minute duct-tape costume with purple and pink coloring that was PERFECT and totally cute.

Pictures? Well that would require me remember the camera and/or that I have a camera phone.

But trust me, it was really cute!

While she was partying, I got myself some pan-fried tofu from the local asian food place and went home to catch up on The Daily Show. Michael Caine is hilarious, BTW.

After I picked her up we headed home to relax and get some sleep, but I found myself completely obsessing over bed bugs. I don't have any, but that really isn't the issue...

Reading about them for an hour or so will almost guarantee you extreme cooties for hours after.

I have vowed never to buy used bedroom furniture, though... those little shits can live for up to a YEAR with no food! And they flatten themselves out so look all you like, you won't find them before you bring that dresser home with you.


Do yourself a favor and DON'T read about them.

Or if you do (don't do it!), don't spend subsequent hours researching reasons for cooties, because the reasons for feeling that creepy-crawly sensation are many, varied, and terrifying.

Take it from me.

Saturday morning we got up nice and early and headed out to the farmers market! It was lovely, of course, although there isn't much in the way of actual produce yet. There were, however, many pre-started plants with which, if I had a green thumb, I could purchase, plant, and grow my own garden.

But I have a black thumb.

I can kill a cactus.

Saturday afternoon, after whipping up some chocolate-covered strawberries (seriously the easiest thing ever), we headed to a friends house for a May Day party, which was lovely and uplifting! I didn't dance the maypole this year, as my hip was arguing with me, but I did manage to cultivate a delightful sunburn.

After leaving that party, it was off to ANOTHER party!

We were total social butterflies this weekend.

The Bacon Party I mentioned Friday was a HUGE success. The clear winner ended up being the Vanilla Bourbon Bacon (sounds gross, but OMFG), but other favorites were the Applewood Smoked and Garlic, which were both delicious and different.

I also had some wine, which made me super silly.

"Oh hi," I gushed to one woman who had literally just walked in the door. "Did you know you look just like Christina Hendricks?!"

She didn't know who this was, so I elaborated with references to Firefly because of course I did.

Then I referred to her as Christina Hendricks for the rest of the evening, much like Tracey Morgan does to Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, which at least made her laugh a bit, so that wasn't too bad, right?



Aside from poor Christina Hendricks, I met a bunch of people who are as goofy as I am when shnookered, so that was a win! One woman even brought up Bob Schneider, so we gushed over that and did the Tarantula Dance, which made everyone take 3 steps back from us as if whatever crazy we had was catching.

That's okay, we understood. But it had to be done.

Sunday morning, me and my hangover (really when did my tolerance get so low?!) got up and after getting our lives in order and eating breakfast, we headed down to Denver for Rollerpunks practice, and I got a little sticker shock.

Remember when I was crowing about how roller derby had relatively low overhead, so go me for finding a sport that wouldn't bleed me dry?

Not so much.

I'm trying not to complain, because The Kid loves it so much, but sheesh!

I thought I had totally scored, finding roller skates for 50.00. Well, yeah, if she just wants to go to the roller rink for an hour once in awhile... According to The Girls, to make them anywhere near decent, they're going to need some serious modifications, like new wheels that COST MORE THAN THE SKATES DID!!!

Holy crap!

As a band-aid, I purchased better bearings to replace the current crappy ones (9 is the best, apparently, and these skates are currently sporting a 1 - awesome), and she'll just have to deal with the current wheels for a few more practices, 6 at most. It's the best I can do.

We had been planning on painting her room and getting new furniture and such, but I told her yesterday she'd have to pick...

Paint & upgraded furniture or skates & organization (so that her current furniture works better for her). Oddly enough, she had been thinking the same thing, and picked the skates.

So in a few weeks (when the budget allows for it), I will stop being cheap and take her to a proper skate shop to buy skates that won't make her feel like she's trying to skate in sand. Poor kid.

Well, like I told her... silver lining! Just think of the workout she's getting!

After practice, we attempted to go to Ted's in Larimer Square with TR, but parking was a bear this week. It's kind of hit or miss down there, sometimes you can get a spot right away, or at least one within 2 blocks, but last night I didn't see *anything* within a 6-block radius! Bummer, because although I have only been there once several years ago, their wedge salad still remains something I need to have in my life.

Instead we opted (based on The Kid's deep need for Thai food) to head to another location of the fabulous Thai Basil. It was delicious, as usual, and the sunset while taking the long way home (well, not so long, just less highway time) was absolutely stunning.

A lovely weekend, if a little hectic.

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Dandy said...

You know, it never occured to me that you could bring in bed bugs on a dresser. I won't read about them because you already kinda freaked me out.

May pole?! I want to dance around a may pole! Sounds like you had a good May Day/ Beltaine (not that you would be dancing around the pole nekkid or anything)/ Lei Day!