Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: SQUEE

So my mom works at a vet's office.

Last week, she was sitting there, running things and minding her business, when someone showed up with this:


That, friends, is a baby coyote. Is it not the cutest thing you've seen all day?!

She took the initiative and drove it out to the Tucson Wildlife Center, where he'll be carefully raised and then released back into the wild.

This place is amazing! They rescue all sorts of critters. From their website:

"We specialize in the capture and treatment of the dangerous variety of animals such as javelina, bobcat, eagles or mountain lion. Hopefully, they are nursed back to health for eventual release back into the wild. We have a crackerjack staff of volunteer veterinarians."

How can you not love a place that uses "crackerjack" to describe their staff?

You can't, that's how.

Go mom!


Dandy said...

omg ITS SO CUTE.. CAN i HAVE IT?!oops, caps lock was on.

So I'm a total dork because I grew up in Huntington Beach and never see wildlife. And now although we still live in Orange County we live close to some open space. So far I've seen a coyote twice... as I was driving up I couldn't figure out what it was.. not quite a dog. And I've seen racoons which are just adorable although they demolish the grass by our apartment. We saw a mama with babies and it was all very cute until she hissed at me and scared me.

I have never heard of a Javelina before.

curegirl0421 said...

Apparently? Totally stinky.

The javelinas, not the coyotes. :)

Julie said...

Javelinas are stinky and mean and dangerous. Raccoons can be very mean, too, esp if there are babies around. Thanks for posting this. I wish I lived a bit closer to the Wildlife Center, since volunteering there would be too cool.