Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Carniverous

Okay, first I have to show you this.

Isn't that awesome!?

So I finally got some relaxing done this weekend!

Friday night was lovely and calm. I worked a little late (The Kid was at her buddy's house) and then headed home to get a little exercise in (my new goal - to do this at least 3 times a week) and clean the house before TR came over.

After a quick trip to pick up a few ingredients, we set to work making beer cheese soup, which was fantastic and smelled absolutely amazing! Bacon, carrots, celery, bacon, beer, bacon, cheese, beer & bacon. Oh, and milk and stuff so it was even sort of healthy!

Sort of.

Saturday after picking The Kid up, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and take a ride up in the mountains!

TR hadn't been to Estes Park in ages, so we decided to take the circuitous route along Peak to Peak Highway, which looks a little scary on a map but which is, in fact, pretty tame and absolutely gorgeous.

It was fun playing tour guide! We went to The Stanley, which was of course the inspiration for The Shining, and lo and behold...

It was the 30th anniversary of the Kubrick movie! Which has almost nothing to do with the Stanley, but whatevs. They had a Jack Nicholson look-a-like running around on the porch with a cigar, taking pictures and being generally smarmy (he was quite good).

We had a slighty overpriced lunch at the restaurant there (but as TR pointed out, it's ridiculously expensive to maintain someplace like that, so really paying 14.00 for a burger is part food, part support), which was delicious despite us having gone there based on the menu in the Estes Park visitor center that was rather out of date. I had a lamb burger and yes I am that much of a carnivore. Stop judging me.

Not only was it a lamb burger, it had lamb *bacon* on it, and goat cheese from a local producer called Haystack Mountain.

TR had BBQ Pulled Elk, which was absolutely delicious. My apologies to you vegetarians out there, but in fact it's a good thing that elk are hunted out here, otherwise we'd be overrun and they'd be ill and suffering due to overpopulation. And if we have to thin the herd, well there's no use wasting resources, right?

Plus, mmmm. Elk.


After lunch and bumming around the place (it wasn't showing itself to be very haunted this time, I think because there were way too many people around, or maybe the cheese factor of a Jack Nicholson impersonator was too much for them to deal with), we headed to Estes Park Glassworks Studio, where we watched their resident glass artist make gorgeous art, and oohed and ahhed and coveted.

Not my picture, but that sums it up

Their website is being redone at the moment, but if you troll around you can see some of the amazing stuff they offer... it's nothing quite like being there in person, though, so if you get the chance, stop in! The owners are very nice, and they have super-comfy old metal lawn chairs out front that harken from the days when men were men and women were...

Oh, sorry.

You how I am with the tangents.

Anyway it was a lovely drive, and I'm always happy to let someone else enjoy the view awhile.

Besides, I love driving in the mountains!

When it's sunny!

And dry!

Otherwise I'll be down here looking up, thanks.

Do you ever play tourist in your own area?

It's fun to go exploring in places you've heard about but never actually seen, especially if they're a reasonable distance from your house.

After making our way home Saturday evening, TR hung around a little while before heading back home on his awesome bike.

Isn't that cool lookin'?!

Sunday was very quiet. We lazed a bit (we're still catching up on season 4 of Dr. Who) then headed to Denver for Rollerpunks practice.

Despite the Skateshop Guy's best efforts, the wheels needed a little tweaking and our favorite Resident Skate Maintenance Expert took care of them in short order. She's like lightening, that one.

And The Kid got her very fist derby bruise! She was so proud.

I was more "GAH" than proud, but thankfully she didn't break an ankle or anything, as one of the other girls did last week. It was just an accident, of course, it wasn't even due to anything game-related, it was just one of those things that can happen when you're rolling around on a slick surface. Poor kid.

Last but certainly not least, head on over to My Mom's Blog and wish her a happy birthday! It was yesterday, but we believe in Birthday Weeks.

I was looking around on Photobucket for birthday-type graphics, and you know what?

There are a lot of weirdos out there.

In particular, there are a lot of Robert-Pattinson-obsessed weirdos.

In the end, though, this one made me laugh hardest, most because it was such a Cake Wrecks kind of greeting, complete with unnecessary punctuation and capitalization!

Happy Birthday to "YOU"!
Happy Birthday to "YOU"!
Happy Birthday Dear "NAME HERE"...
Happy Birthday to "YOU"!


peacemama67 said...

We love the Glassworks Studio! We've taken the kids, and they give them pretty little glass paperweights to take home.

Lamb burger with bacon and goat cheese sounds yummmmmmmmmmmmm. I also am carnivorous. Oh, and bacon beer cheese soup would go over well at my house. We are bacon people.

Ask me about healthy, sometime. You'll be surprised at the newest information (and it's not a boneless skinless tasteless textureless breast.) :.)

curegirl0421 said...

OMG Steph it was SOOOO GOOD. Lamb bacon is completely awesome.

I'd love to hear your info on healthy!

I sense a blog post coming... ;)