Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Zippy

What a lovely weekend!

Friday after school, The Kid had her very last ever Middle School Social. It was beach-themed and she looked very cute. She wore a blue & white hibiscus-print shirt/dress/beach coverup sort of thing, with her favorite blue cargo shorts, a lei, and a flower in her hair.

She noted that the only other person to dress in theme, and all in blue, was her crush. I love that she has a crush, though I'm mentally prepping myself for when the little shit breaks her heart by dating some stupid girl in high school that's not her.

Ah, youth.

ANYWAY, while she was busy boogyin', I was at the skate shop acting like a doof while getting the bearings swapped out in her fabulous new rollerskates.

Acting like a doof because I suddenly felt compelled to attempt to convey how cool I used to be to the skate shop owner.

"Ahhh... I remember that sound," I declaimed as he attempted to manhandle the old bearings out. "I used to go to skate shops with my friends when I was young, although I couldn't skate myself."

"Mmmhm," he muttered, as he attempted to tear open the package of new bearings. (He gave up and had me do it.)

"Yeah, it's funny that you're playing Red Hot Chili Peppers, actually, because that's what we heard a lot of then, too! That and, ya know, a lot of Social Distortion and Suicidal Tendencies and stuff. I saw them live, once, actually - RHCP, not Suicidal Tendencies, haha."

"Mmmhm," this time with a subtle eyeroll, was uttered once more.

It should be noted, at this point, that my brain was yelling STOP IT, but the train was already out of the station and gaining speed.

"Yeah like I said, I never could skate myself... I was more of an afficionado. We had our videos, I had my Thrasher subscription, ya know how it was. Ha, I think I just liked hanging out with the skater boys! That would be pretty weird now, though, huh."

He looked up, gave me the once over, and said...


Hey whatever dude, you're MY AGE... at least I admit that I'm waxing nostalgic like a big dork, you're actually trying to hang with the youngins, no doubt trying to convince them that Gleaming the Cube was the best movie EVAR and that Christian Hosoi is still the king of the universe.

OKFINEIADMITIT. I totally loved this movie.


So the bearings are on! The skates are super fast, which is taking a little getting used to for The Kid, but she'll get the hang of it.

After that little adventure into "I'm too old to be in a skate shop anymore at least not looking like this", I headed home to await Nova so I could go with her to pick up a toy box way down in south Denver.

It was a nice drive, we didn't hit much traffic and figured since were down that way (and The Kid was at home playing on the computer and working on a project for school) we'd stop in the city on the way back and have some dinner.

Pete's Kitchen won the vote, and we both had lovely, greasy gyros, something that's tough to get up our way!

She had remembered reading all about the profiterole at Il Vicino, and wanted to try them while were down there, so try them she did, and they did not disappoint! Yum.

The Kid & I had an early morning Saturday, so we headed back after dessert.

Saturday was The Kid's orchestra contest, "Trills & Thrills", which you might remember me helping chaperone last year due to my rampant volunteeritis. It wasn't so bad, of course, but I figured it would be easier to let her go with her class without me this time, and more fun for her as well since I don't really count rollercoasters high on my list at Elitch's, since those rides are built more for kids and less for large-racked Fertility Goddess types like myself. I spend a lot of time standing around getting sunburned and crabby.

As she was staying with her grampa overnight Saturday (he had generously agreed to drive her down to Rollerpunks practice Sunday), I headed down to Denver myself to do a bit of Costco-ing with TR (sidebar: TR if you're reading this, I can't really express my gratitude fully except to say thanks again) and then for dinner at Udi's, which was absolutley delicious! I had more of the fabulous German potato salad (I think I have a problem) and a margherita pizza, plus a peach bellini frozen adult slushy thing that would have knocked my socks off had I been wearing any.

We were both pretty pooped from our respective long days, so it was an early night. The bonus, of course, to an early night is waking up early the next day and getting to eat relatively crowd-free at Dozens! I had way too much coffee, of course - that Novo just rocks!

It was a gorgeous day, and TR lives in a beautiful neighborhood full of big, old homes, so we took a walk and I was once again delighted as I always am by the things you see when you walk.

Driving past places like these, you see bits and pieces but can't get the full effect since obviously if you did you'd get into regular car wrecks.

Walking, though, gives you the opportunity to notice, say, the heraldric artwork under the eaves of one roof, or the stonework topping another.

And the gardens! I wish I'd had my camera, because there were some of the most gorgeous poppies and tulips blooming hither and yon. It was fun watching the bees doing their thing, and the sights and smells were blissful. There really is nothing like the scent of fresh cut grass.

We picked up The Kid at her derby practice and she looked great! She definitely had an easier time on the new skates. No more struggling to roll, which is fabulous, and she wasn't the worn-out mess she had been in other weeks.

We had some dinner at Annie's, which was much better than last time.

It occurs to me that TR has been buying all 3 of us dinner a lot lately. I'm going to have to take him out soon, someplaced good, or make some really fantastic meal or something.

This week... not so much insanity. THANK GOODNESS.

Tonight I'm attending Ales 4 Females at the Lefthand Brewery here in Fabulous Longmont, where my friend Robyn & I will learn all about the brewing industry. Our grand plan (because I have no hobbies, haha) is to start brewing our own, and rule the world.

I think we could totally do it. Hey, I have a garage! And I could fit small barrells under my kitchen table! I even have a friend, Roger, who already makes his own and has offered to give pointers if we're serious.

Tomorrow, The Kid gets her 8th grade yearbook, which I made her swear not to draw all over. Autographs and such are great, I said, but don't go scribbling out anyone's faces!

Wednesday is the orientation meething for the Leadership Academy The Kid was accepted into for Freshman year at her new high school. How exciting is that?!

Thursday I'll head down to do Trivia (I'm having withdrawals - I think that's what spawned my need to spout skateboard facts at the skate shop guy).

Friday The Kid has a party to go to all evening, and I'll get a chance to relax!

Saturday is placemenet testing for my possible high education adventure, and Sunday is Rollerpunks yet again.

Did I say this week was going to be more relaxed?

I did, right?


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