Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Short But Sweet

Friday night was spent carving a pumpkin and roasting the seeds, finishing a scarf, contemplating my navel and watching Dollhouse. Delightful.

The pumpkin design was agonized over by The Kid, she wanted *just the thing* - nothing *too* spooky since the pumpkin won't last until Halloween, but something Fall-ish just the same.

An owl was just the ticket.

I swear, I SWEAR I'm going to take pictures soon. Or at least, I'll get them out of my camera.

I promise.

Saturday was a fairly relaxed event all together, especially once it was clear the 4 INCHES OF SNOW was not going to impede my plans to go down to Denver in the evening.

I just love Colorado's like a box-a-chawklits.

Saturday night, after seeing The Kid off to a sleepover, TR & I went to a really fantastic pizza place called Il Vicino to celebrate his birthday with a bunch of his friends (all of whom are fantastic people I was glad to meet and hope to see again).

The thing about which you really must know, however, is the dessert.

I give to you...



These are puff pastry, filled with cold, creamy chocolate mousse, then topped with what can only truly be described as marshmallow goop.

How good, you ask?

Every single person at the table scarfed theirs down. No "oh, none for me" or "I don't like chocolate" or anything. Just the sound of forks and happiness.

And I feel I've earned a Parent of the Century sticker for sharing the leftovers with The Kid.

Also, I licked the inside of the box after the leftovers were gone. I'm not ashamed.

Sunday started *way* too early for me, but one of The Kid's grandparents was in town, in particular one she only sees every couple of years, so I sucked it up. Child was glad to see her and had a pretty nice visit, including our 3rd trip through the Celestial Seasonings factory tour (the Mint Room never gets old).

My sinuses are always so CLEAR when I walk out of there.

A good weekend is always too short, don't you think?

One more day probably would have done it for me, but I would have settled for 3 or 4 more hours on Sunday morning.

Alas, the space-time continuum continues to defy me at every turn, and I lost the keys to the teleporter.



Nova said...

When are we going to have dessert?
Oh ummm.... I mean dinner?

curegirl0421 said...

Dunno! We'll have to plan a time one of these days - you *have* to try these things.

Elle Bee said...

Profiterole? Yum! How fun to tour Celestial Seasonings. I want to do that!

Julie said...

I loved the mint room. I want to go there again just to stand in there (and why did they make me leave? I forget) PS did you finish Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, or was that Sense & Sensibilities & Zombies? Maybe it was Wind in the Zombies, or maybe Little Zombies. I forgot.

Dandy said...

What an awesome weekend! I want to see that pumpkin! I love that website for HP crafts and that scarf looks awesome.

And that dessert. Oh the dessert.