Friday, October 16, 2009

F-Word Friday: Fan Club

So there's this awesome dog named Max.

How awesome, you ask?


This was him as a puppy.

Could you resist? I don't think so.

At a year old he was chasing me around the tree whenever I visited, playing keepaway (his favorite game still, incidentally). Also, he had gotten even cuter.

Can you believe this was only 6 weeks later?

Then he got a baby sister, Greta.

He's an excellent big brother.

After an exciting cross-country move from Chicago to Tucson, he also found himself with a brother from another mother, Buster.

Three enormous dogs, and clean carpets. My parents are amazing.

But now? Now, he's a local hero!

From Wednesday's Marana (it's Tucson, only quieter) paper...

Click to see it better, but that says "Winner of the 2009 Pet Paparazzi Contest"

When he tilts his head, you just want to hug him. He'll let you, too.

Boy I hope he doesn't forget his roots, though... next thing you know, I'll be having to schedule an appointment to visit!

*psh* Celebrities.


Dandy said...

I cannot believe that second picture is only 6 weeks later!

How freakin' adorable is that dog!

We must have pets on the brain.

Chris said...

Aw how wonderful.