Friday, October 2, 2009

F-Word Friday: Frightfest Fallout

So it's October.

You know what that means... Christmas is in full swing everywhere you look!

*gag* I love Christmas and all, but it gets worse every year. Hobby Lobby had their aisles half-done by July 4. No kidding.

What I love about October is the onset of Fall in earnest.

Sweater weather. Chili weather. Pumpkin bread weather.

And of course Halloween.

I used to love Halloween a lot more when I was a kid, I started planning my costumes in May.

As a teen, it was all about Fright Fest at Six Flags. I still love the idea, but as I find I have less tolerance for being jumped at by people who look like zombies, that holds less appeal.

As an adult I'm much more into *real* ghost stuff. Fake zombie masks scare me, but evidence of a haunting not so much. I find it scientifically fascinating, the idea of energy lasting after we've left it behind, and why that happens.

The Child has followed suit in her costume-planning fervor, but at the ripe old age of 13 her interest is changing from looking forward to the costume parade at school (something I looked forward to as her parent when she was little, visions of Ramona Quimby-style stomp-fest full of witches and goblins and princesses and firemen dancing in my head) to how late she's allowed to trick or treat with her friends.

Oh Klickitat Street, how I miss you.

Thankfully I've taught her not to fall into the trap of thinking Halloween is National Dress Like A Tart Day.

Even the younger girls are going that way these days. Last year she wanted to be a fairy, but all we could find was stuff like this:


So I made her costume and it was *gasp* age-appropriate! Go figure!

Way cuter, and anyway since when do fairies wear pleather?

She really is getting older though...last year was the first year she didn't want me to take her around. It was bittersweet, but this year I'm actually counting on it. (I didn't miss the sore feet.)

I'm sure my love for Halloween will come roaring back when she's got kids of her own and the pumpkin patch awaits us, and there are costumes to be sewn and jack-o-lanterns to be carved, and who knows maybe in a couple of weeks I'll see my love for it return, but today?

Today I just want chili.

Speaking of chili being one of my favorite Fall foods, if you list a few of *your* favorites over at Dandy's site today, you might win an awesome cupcake decorating kit. That would put me in the mood, I think... a pumpkin carved up and glowing, a tray of cute cupcakes set out...

Maybe I could love it again.

Maybe it's just too early yet.


Ruth Covington said...

I'm with you on the costumes. Every year they seem to get tackier and trashier. Her fairy costume was awesome!

Chris said...

OK, you know what I'm going to say about you using the terms "haunting" and "scientifically" in the same sentence. :P

Chris said...

2nd point: I was meeting a former coworker for lunch the other day. As I was walking to the restaurant I noticed a poster in the window next door and thought "OMG, did they just open an *adult* store here?!?!". - Uh no... it was a halloween costume shop. When did Halloween become "dress like a slut day?"

Elle Bee said...

I love that costume you made! It's perfect. A friend and I were just talking about how lame the costumes out there are. Why does a nurse's costume have to look like a prostitute's? And a cat? Can't I just be a normal cat? Why do I have to be a sexy cat???? Sheesh.

Dandy said...

The costume you made is awesome! Speaking of pleather fairies, last year my best friend and I went out with her son trick or treating and there were some super sluterific moms out and about. And 14 yr old girls dressed like pin ups.

Is now an appropriate time to tell you I sometimes see ghosts?

curegirl0421 said...

It really is ridiculous isn't it... I mean I get the whole drop-your-inhibitions thing, I even get the mask of sexy for women who spend the rest of their time having to be soccer moms, but teen girls?


PS... I see em' too, Dandy. Just now and again.

Dandy said...

Interesting- we'll have to talk more on this subject.

So, have you SEEN the preview for Paranormal Activity?! Its a really low budget indie film that has people freaking out. Its about a couple and the girl thinks they have ghosts and the guy thinks shes crazy. (which is totally B and I) So they film in their room at night for 20 nights. I didn't even make it thru the previews before I turned it off and I was jumpy the whole night. Why do I do that to myself?!