Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Not Feelin' It

Okay, Halloween is in a week and still nothing - no tinge of excitement, no sudden urge to buy a costume or make popcorn balls...

It's so weird!

Is it just me? Are you not feeling the spirit of it this year either?

I barely put up any decorations, I haven't watched any horror movies, I haven't even bought any of those disgusting Brach's mallowcreme things I love so much.

Come to mama

What *is* it this year?

My poor kid, she loves it so much and her lame mom hasn't done anything to help this.

We bought one stinkin' pumpkin, and it was subsequently eaten by a squirrel.

I put up some lame tombstones out front but not even a *shred* of that irritating fake spiderweb stuff.

I didn't even put up any lights.

I'm going to have to throw a party next year or something. This is just pathetic.

How does this fit into Thrilling Thursday, you ask?


It doesn't.

But to make up for my off-theme post, here, have a few Halloween cartoons. They're *totally* thrilling!

This used to scare the pants off me.

One of my favorites... it's only part 1, but if you look on YouTube you can find the rest!

Of course.

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Yarni Gras! said...

you'd better find your Hallowen mojo before next Saturday! Crank in some scary flicks and eat some Frank's Fingers....the recipe is on my blog (recipes on the sidebar). They'll do the trick!