Friday, October 30, 2009

F-Word Friday: Finally!

No post yesterday, because of this:

That would be my backyard. That thing in the foreground there is the pile of uninterrupted snow that fell on my patio table.

The Kid suggested sticking a candle in the top and cutting a slice out, but it was also murrfurrin' cold out so...


But yay! Snow day!

The Kid was thrilled, I made French Toast that *almost* rivaled the stuff at Dozens but not quite (since I lack a gas stove and griddle - it really makes a difference), we played with clay and watched dumb horror movies on SciFi (I refuse to use their new spelling because it's stupid), and the cats were all up in our business.

Well, Dea was because she's a noodge.

Please note the fact that the cat is asleep in this picture

The Kid is a sucker... she falls for the "kitty wants a hug" trick every time.

The "Finally" in F-Word Friday today comes from the fact that despite it looking a *lot* like Christmas yesterday, I have at last found my Halloween spirit.

Better late than never!

I may even torture TR by dressing up tomorrow and embarrassing him wherever we go.

And all that spirit is thanks to crafting, as usual.

Now granted, I just made some Candy Corn earrings...

Not as cute as the originals, but did they have cat involvement?

... but The Kid went CUHRAZY.

She made a bag of candy & the cutest pumpkins ever (her own designs) and we had fun making little skull beads which shall be used for *something*, but for now are adorning my little Halloween pile on the living room table, which also includes a candle holder sporting packing tape transfers I did last week.

God but I love the Craft: blog.

Tiggy helped with the size comparison... and please ignore the dust on the table thankyewveddymuch

That's a sucker, a Snickers bar and a giant Pixie Stick in that bag, I'll have you know

We had fun, can you tell?

Last but not least... The Kid's costume.

I give you...

Prom Queen Disaster.

Currently this is blood-free, but that's only because the blood packets are at her friend's house. Don't you just love the streaked mascara? Very dramatic.

Almost as dramatic as this shot:

Please note the Converse

Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

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