Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WTF Wednesday - Reshoots

Okay I promise no political stuff today, except to say that the "100,000 call Tuesday" turned into an over 300,000 call day. That rocked.

Anyway, on to WTF new favorite lazy blog post day. All I have to do is find fun stuff with which to distract you! (Yay grammar!)

My favorite (today)...

Re-cut movie trailers.

I won't even try to explain these to you, because really they speak for themselves - people get bored, and bored people screw around with editing software.

I'm looking at you, Ralph Lauren.

There are approximately 4 million of these, 3.9 million of which suck, but some are really well done and, because I love you, here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

When you think about it, she was sort of terrifying.

Jack was just trying to HELP, don't you get it Wendy?!

Mashup! The Fugitive's Day Off. Oh yeah.

On that note...

Requiem For A Dream was a horrifying movie, but this was just awesome.

Plus, ya know, more Ferris. And shots of my beloved Chicago. Winner!

Last but not least today, here's a fun nugget I found through today...

"Unfortunate Cookie", a random document generator. It pulls up news headlines (and full stories) from decades past and you know I spent about half an hour before I had to make myself do something productive.


Dandy said...

I LOVED this post! B and I watched the videos twice. Requiem was our favorite but the music is so powerful and haunting. You are right... it was a horrifying movie and B hasn't seen it. I'm reluctant to watch it again.

I loved the first two though- its amazing what some editing can do!

Dandy said...

The boing boing link isn't working and I am totally addicted to unfortunate cookie.

curegirl0421 said...

Crazy addictive, right?!

Leenk ees feext.

Dandy said...

I'm back and looking at these again. But the Requiem music is haunting me.