Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Late Breaking Godtopus Edition

Yeah, so it's Wednesday morning... does that mean I can't do a Tuesday blog? No it does not.

So, nerd alert, but when I was in 2nd grade (I think - Mom, want to verify?) I won the MS Read-A-Thon, in tandem with a girl I remember distinctly only because of her massively awesome black pigtails. I was a total reading nerd even then (my 6th grade favorite was Jane Eyre) and am sorry to say I've slacked off mightily since then.

Enter Pajiba. Not only are they funny over there (if occasionally overly in-joke snarky) they are also doing something completely awesome.

I am officially throwing my hat in the ring for the second annual Cannonball Read... you should too, if at all possible, because a) you'll make your brain bigger and b) it's an easy way to donate bucks to a good cause without having to, you know, actually donate money.

Pajiba will do that part.

Here's the text of the Facebook group (go join it!):

A group of Pajibans ( competing to read 52 books in 1 year. Anyone can participate. All you need is a blog, a library card, and gumption. (Gumption can be replaced with gunpowder.)

If anyone is interested in joining the Cannonball Read, you can! It's so easy, it's easier than Sunday Morning. Or bad song lyric puns.

Basic Rules:

1. Your book needs to be "of substance": 150 pages or so. No Pokey Little Puppy. But the Phantom Tollbooth? That's fine. Unless you're in elementary school. And if you are a kid doing the Cannonball Read, you've already won. At life. Collect your trophy.

2. Post your thoughts on a blog or on a website, or somewhere where others can read it to prove you've read. The reviews need to be at least three solid paragraphs, as they may be possibly be published on Pajiba.

Again, those are parameters. But if you are interested in participating, go for it! You can set your own rules, like, every other book has to be non-fiction, or I want to read nothing but books written by old dead white men, or I must read every recommendation people give to me. It's all up to you!

This year, Pajiba ( was kind enough to promise that for everyone who completes the one book, one week, one review requirement, they will make a contribution in your name to the Lil A' College Fund. Please read The Legend of Cannonball Read to get more details.

Cool, right?!

I should read more anyway, so I'm totally getting on this.

Starting with next Tuesday, I will be posting a review of a book I've read that week, and if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! A book a week may involve raiding The Child's collection of Magic Tree House books in a pinch, and if you could spare me I'd so appreciate it.

It may come to this


Julie said...

It was 2nd or 3rd grade, not sure which, but I believe I have the certificate stashed around here. Maybe Lex can help me find it when she's here!

Dandy said...

That is the coolest thing ever! I really want to do something like that. Only maybe.. after the wedding. I follow the blog Today's Adventure and the posts book reviews nearly daily. I really have no idea how she powers thru several books a week.