Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Empanadas Have Consequences

A good weekend... quiet, nice weather, can't complain.

Today I'm feeling a little maudlin, but I'll spare you my whining and instead tell you about all the delicious food I ate on Saturday which was worth every minute of the subsequent indigestion.

It's much more fun to read than "wah wah poor me", especially when the whining is entirely unsubstantiated by reality.

Saturday we headed over to The Child's grampa's house for his housewarming party. His nearly-son-in-law is a chef, and as such was relegated the task of cooking up goodies for the party.

There were so many things I couldn't even detail them all for you, but my favorites were the butternut squash empanadas (oh goodness), the mini pecan pies (oh help me), and the balsamic-glazed stir-fried shrimps (served piping hot and gone in under 2 minutes).

Add to that a whole lot of fizzy lemonade, some seriously spicy cocktail sauce, and a queso dip that had everyone clustered around like zebras at a watering hole, and I was death-gripping the Pepto Saturday night.

It was entirely worth it.

In other news, I decided this weekend that I hate selling stuff; it sucks all the fun out of crafting.

I'll be zapping my Etsy account, however if you'd like something made for you, just say the word! It's much more fun for me, and you get something you picked yourself.

At least I know I have a few holiday gifts already taken care of.

Lucky for The Kid, that means she received the Halloween bowl I made and was so proud of. Lucky girl!

Last but not least, I *finally* dragged the photos on my camera out into the world... not much to speak of, but worth sharing. Enjoy!

This was October 10th. A bit early for this, in my humble opinion, but in true Colorado fashion it was gone the next day.

The Child's owl pumpkin. It has since been defaced by squirrels.

No seriously, de-faced. The face is gone! But the squirrels are happy.

The Halloween bowl... I wish it photographed better, the orange and black fabrics both have sparkles! Too cute, and Child is thrilled it's now hers-all-hers.

Blurry but still so cute... he wore that thing all day.

He is laying on a book (The Big Ass Book Of Crafts, to be precise), because if I put anything on the table, he will lay on it. It's just the arrangement we have.

Hope your weekend was lovely!

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Dandy said...

I had empanadas on Saturday too! Its like we are twins! Only I want the mini-pecan pies too.

That Halloween bowl is adorable. I can't believe squirrels ate the pumpkin- I didn't know they did that.

You got all that snow and it was gone the next day? So pretty!