Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: C'mon & Shake It Up Baby Now!

Wow, yesterday's post was...


Today, not so much, so it all balances out.

I did forget to mention one thing yesterday...

Twist & Shout, my new favorite store.

After high-tailing it out of the convention on Saturday, much earlier than anticipated due to the weirdness factor, TR was mid-errands and suggested a good place to hang while he finished up.

Oh my god.

Okay let me back up... I love records. *Real* records, the kind that take up lots of space and have to be handled delicately and so on.

Do I have a record player?

Well... sort of. It's a little plug-in kids player that The Kid borrowed from her aunt once and has yet to return to her. But that's not the point.

It's kind of like collecting, I don't know... airplanes. Sure, they might stay in their boxes, but you *have* them and they are glorious (especially when you get rare ones on the cheap) and you can carefully remove them from their boxes now and again to play with the detachable cockpits until you delicately replace them in their boxes again.

Records are like that for me... I can look at the liner notes, I can admire the album covers, I can look for the little messages etched into the inner wax ring... they're definitely a collectible thing.

And I can download the songs from iTunes if I want to hear them. The modern age is wondrous.

I also have attachment anxiety about them. I used to have some of the coolest records in existence (the *entire* Duran Duran catalog and some serious Smiths EPs - dont' judge me), and my ex-husband sold most of them out from under me about 15 years ago because they were "replaceable - have you heard of CDs?".


Anyway, Twist & Shout is, among other things, a record shop. I hadn't been in a record shop in probably 10 years, yet there I was, simultaneously flipping through albums, eyeballing the many fantastic toys lying around and wool-gathering about Record Shops I Have Known And Loved (oh Vintage Vinyl, I miss you), all while they played some sort of 40's Sinatra-type music over the sound system.

Bliss. I could spend hours in there.

It's probably good I didn't remember to add that yesterday, I probably would have hit some sort of character limit for single posts.

So! Your Randomness for the day... a Halloween Lolcat, because it's my blog and I can if I want to.

I'm mildly Halloweeny now. Only mildly, but still... it's probably the dark sky and bare trees and blowing leaves outside.

I need a pumpkin, STAT!

Clowns are terrifying. Clown dolls are even worse. *shudder*

Just look at that thing. You know it looks for the knives when you sleep, right?

If only it could move its thumbs, you'd have been toast long ago.


Peter said...

Don't forget about the second floor of Barts in Boulder (on the Pearl Street Mall), when you're in a mood for vinyl!

curegirl0421 said...

Thanks Peter! I had no idea it even existed but I will totally check it out!

Chris said...

I had SO many Duran Duran EP's and imports. *sigh* they were destroyed along with all of my records when my basement got water in October 2006. :( - I haven't had a turntable since the late 80's, but I think I will need to buy another one because Jack White puts out a bunch of stuff on record.