Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Horrible Stories Of Woe

My weekend was great...well, mostly. The ER thing was not so much.

Don't worry, let me 'splain...

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Princess Bride quotes make me happy

Let's see, Friday night...

Friday night was an unremarkable night. The Kid and I had a little dinner, watched a Vincent Price movie (The House On Haunted Hill), and went to bed.

Then I woke up at 2AM or so feeling like Inigo Montoya himself was stabbing away in there with all the rage he could muster for the 6-fingered man.

Now I'm not a pain wuss - remember that whole avocado fight I lost? - so believe me when I say the trip to the ER was only after realizing that not only was the pain not going anywhere, but that I may actually die of it at any time. (Panic attack GO!)

I'm fine. It was probably just acid reflux or something, which I've never had before and now have total respect for and fear of if that was, in fact, what it was.

Or it was my gall bladder, but I'm not inclined to think so based on my exhaustive Googling on the subject.

Or it was nothing. One never knows. Humans are weird.

Anyway, thanks go out to Melissa for driving up to get me (they gave me a shot of something fun and so I couldn't drive), and my apologies to The Child for scaring the bejesus out of her.

I scared me too.

Not exactly the most spectacular of mornings - it was pretty weird, in fact, but everyone survived.

Saturday afternoon we were supposed to go to a Dia De Los Muertos event, but lacking a car (it was still at the hospital) that didn't happen. Instead we went to The Kid's grampa's for one of his daughter-in-law's birthdays, and then The Child was off for her night of merriment, and I went to bug TR awhile.

Saturday night TR & I went on a ghost tour and...



I won't say it was *bad* exactly, but it wasn't very ghostly. It was more a series of horrifying events detailed for us in a loud fashion. With spittle.

I know the guy really worked hard, and I will give him this - he knows his stuff! But...

Well, it'll make for good stories later, and it was definitely fun to dress up and look pretty, and plus 2 hours worth of holding hands with a cute boy on a bus doesn't suck at all, even if you *are* going deaf all the while and being...

What was the word? Irrigated?

Say it, don't spray it! (Also, cool photo)

Sunday morning we hit Dozens again because mmmm, Novo coffee, (and also Lucille's had a mega line again) and then it was back home to finish up some fantastic chili and head to a friend's for a Halloween gathering. It was very nice, and the chili was a big hit, and I got to see folks I don't see but every 6 weeks or so, all of whom are always glad to see me.

And that rocks.

Monday I had the day off (thus the late posting) to take The Kid to the airport. She's in Arizona with her grandparents there, doing homework (I hope) and helping them out a bit... wish I was there with her, since I miss my mom, but it's okay since she'll be coming out the week after Christmas! YAY.

Monday night the fabulous Pioneer Woman appeared at the Tattered Cover (conveniently located mere blocks from TR) and although I wasn't able to meet her in person it was cool to see her up close and personal!

Had I shown up about 3 hours in advance I might have had a shot at an autograph and the chance to thank her for inadvertently introducing me to the almost Mrs. Ms. Dandy, but by the time I got there it was standing room only, and I was at the back... there had to have been 500 people there!

I got her book (it was waiting for me when I got home), and let me tell you...

There will be cinnamon rolls. Soon.

Photo by P-Dub.

I hope you had a nice, ER-free weekend!

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Dandy said...

OMG the ER! How scary. I can only imagine being in such paint that I have to go.

The spittle comment killed me. I don't use that word enough. Spittle.

Holding hands on a bus... how sweet.

You got to see PW!! I'm so jealous... why doesn't she come to CA?

I love seeing my name on your blog. Its like being famous. ~preen~