Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Catchup: If It's Not Scottish It's CRAP

I had a delightfully uneventful weekend.

Friday night *was* to be filled with screaming teen girls, but one got grounded and the other had a long week, so it was just me, The Kid and Terry Jones Medieval Lives.

Awesome. Go Netflix it.

Saturday we helped The Kid's grampa get some stuff for his ailing wife, and bought a garage door to replace the one that's busted.

I miss my garage. I'm so spoiled now... this whole week it's been cold in the morning and...


I've had to WARM UP MY CAR! And scrape frost from its windows! What the hell!

Saturday afternoon after it started snowing, The Kid & I headed downtown to walk around and enjoy the snow and the Christmassy windows in the shops there. We grabbed some 2-for-1 hot chocolate at our favorite coffee shop, bought a used book and a cabbage burger (not in that order) and generally enjoyed each others company. Nice!

Saturday evening I finally got to try Chik-Fil-A, which just opened by my house and it wasn't bad! It wasn't the best chicken I've ever had, but I think maybe it's a regional taste. Not everybody likes White Castle, but I could live on it. Granted I only tried the chicken nuggets, and they *just* opened so you know... I'll give them another try after they've settled in a bit.

We also watched UP, which I loved and you should see.

Just FYI, you'll be a bit verklempt in the first 10 minutes. But then you will be filled with hope and glee because PIXAR is awesome like that. Granted I'm contractually obligated to say that, because they own my soul, but in this case it's true.

Sunday was spent doing not much of anything besides a LOT of super far on TR's Christmas present, started my mom's gift which is GORGEOUS (I think so anyway), and have almost finished a scarf.

I'm an almost-accomplished crafter!

I did manage to complete one thing, however... Scottish shortbread.

Tasty, and also made excellent barter material for the neighbor boy who plowed my driveway for me. I love 9 year olds, they take cookies in payment for services rendered! Why isn't the whole world like this?

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