Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Video Killed... Uh... Me!

Ah, the 80's.

You were there, so you know.

Having been there, I also know you'll appreciate the following video, presented here for you in all its terrifying 80's-ness.

The screen shot alone makes me giggle uncontrollably

The kids dressed up as Icons of 84 cracked me up (Ric Ocasek, really?) and had me thinking of all my favorite 80's videos...

And through the miracle of You Tube, here's a couple for your enjoyment. (Ooooo, lazy post, but I know you forgive me.)

I loved videos like this... arty, what-does-it-have-to-do-with-anything type things that were there merely to add atmosphere to the song you loved.

And I loved this song. Listening to The Smiths still makes me feel like I did then, and I find myself wondering where my flak jacket (the one I got at Belmont Army Surplus that stunk like patchouli and had a Bauhaus symbol on the back) and old art supplies got themselves to. I can almost smell the cloves.

I really wanted to post some Cure videos but they're all "embedding disabled by request". Fascists.

Speaking of Bauhaus, their videos were weird (but oh I loved Peter Murphy) and I loved them, but somehow I always preferred Love And Rockets... they weren't nearly as depressing.

I apologize for the eyestrain you got at the beginning there

TR played this the other day, and I almost time traveled.

Okay, just one more, because it's my blog and I can.

It's New Order, what can you do

True story, the first thing I ever won from a radio contest (I was 11, and it was WXRT) was a free tape from the local music store whose name has since been lost to the ages. I chose New Order's Technique and I listened to it until it died a sad, tapey death several years later.


What's your favorite 80's music?


Dandy said...

B and I will totally enjoy these tonight!

Beth said...

Awesome '80s flashback!! Thanks!