Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Still Full

You know the thing about long weekends is that you get used to them really quickly. It's the saddest thing, setting that alarm Sunday night.

Oh well, I'm employed so I won't complain.

So! The weekend!

Wednesday night saw the viewing of the New Moon movie with teens in tow. It wasn't bad, better than I expected actually considering the reviews (not that I expected those to be very kind). It stuck to the book, Jacob was dreamy (underage, but still), Edward was whiny, and Bella frowned a lot. Pretty standard stuff.

Side note, Dakota Fanning is a ridiculously talented actress. She can express more thought and feeling in a twitch of her eyebrow than Robert Pattinson can impart with all the pouting he can muster. (That would be Edward, dontchaknow.)

Thursday morning brought the usual Macy's parade goodness, and...


Fans of Almost Mrs. Ms. Dandy will recognize the recipe, and she will be amused to know that the entire time I was mixing, the phrase "even snotty sheen" was rolling through my mind.

Well, she'll be amused when she gets around to reading blogs, that is, because right now she's busy getting ready to get hitched in 5 days! Everyone go visit and give her good wishes!

Once they were done, as you can see, I dipped them in melted Nestle chocolate chips. Because oh yes.

Thursday afternoon, the macaroons, the Kid and I all headed to fabulous Parker, CO to have dinner with our friend Melissa's dad and stepmom and various neices and nephews and such. It was delightful, I didn't have to cook, and with the exception of the wasp (!) it was a lovely time.

Friday was spent doing exactly squat, with the exception of dinner at a coworkers house in the evening, which was interesting and very sweetly presented on her finest dishes. We walked down to the main drag of her town and watched the muckitymucks light the Official Tree, which was very cute and involved a brass band. I half expected Robert Preston to come marching around the corner, but I'm glad he didn't because he's dead and if he *had* shown up it would have meant zombie apocolypse.

Or something.

Don't blame me for my stream of consciousness writing today - I blame the turkey coma still in full effect.


Because Saturday was Thanksgiving #2! Dinner was at The Kids' grampa's house, and came complete with all the trimmings.

I am not even remotely turkey-ed out, either.

Sunday was spent making a mitten and shopping for whale supplies with Nova. She's making her daughter a plushy, whale-shaped pillow, and we scoured Hancock Fabrics until we found the perfect thing, a light blue super-plush fleece. *I* want a giant whale pillow made out of it, although where I'd put such a thing I have no idea. But you get my point.

Oh, and we put up the tree.

It's a Charlie Brown tree if there ever was one... short, lists to port, shedding plastic bits everywhere, but it's up, and covered in lights and all our favorite ornaments, and so it's lovely.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Dandy said...

HA! You thought I wouldn't be here.. but I'm retreating to one of my most favoritist places for a moment away! I think Even Snotty Sheen should be used morre often. I really do.

I agree with the New Moon assessment and I keep thinking about poor Jacob. And maybe I want to comfort him. What? I didn't say that. I wouldn't because I'm getting married on Sat and because he is severely underage. I would never drool over those abs and those sweet eyes. What?

Bella please, I'm begging you. I'm half nekkid and begging.

I've completely lost it. It really must be the turkey talking.

curegirl0421 said...

Ha... my friend Christine went to a 21-and-up theatre to see it (so as to avoid the teens). She says that at that pivotal shirtless moment (you know the one), half the females in the audience gasped audibly...

And one of the unfortunate boyfriends/husbands who were forced to attend said aloud...

"He's 17, ladies."


But so dreeeeeeamy. Bella was a fool.