Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Wuhu!

A lovely weekend!

Friday night yielded an unexpected sleepover with The Kid & her buddy, which was fun and very sweet, since the two of them decided it was their Friendiversary - their 5-YEAR Friendiversary in fact - and bought balloons for each other and a cake which was so thickly coated in chocolate ganache it was nearly candied. They have declared that the reason they are still such good friends is that they both continue to be total dorks regardless of what anyone else thinks of their behavior.

How can I express to you my pride? I can't. I just totally can't.

Saturday morning was an early start with a trip up to Fabulous Greeley to visit with Nova & Family. We had breakfast with them and then ran a couple of errands, and I talked Nova out of some black countertop. I know she wanted it, but I think she'll thank me later.

Saturday evening saw the making of Pastor Ryan's Mexican Lasagna**, which is just so awesomely awesome. How do I know?

TR & The Kid each had two helpings. That is proof enough for me.

TR contribued excellent cupcakes from Happy Cakes and Mexican Cokes to the mix (just like regular Coke only without all the gross high fructose corn syrup), and all together it was enough to make us not need much more than coffee the next day.

Well, except The Kid, because she's a teenager.

Sunday was an interesting role-reversal sort of morning, wherein my kid who usually sleeps until 1 if I let her was up at 7AM playing the extremely addictive Wii game TR brought, and I got to sleep until noon. It was delightful!

We took a walk around Main St. after grabbing some coffee, and hey! New book store! It's a neat place, and TR found a cool book with all sorts of interesting facts about different places along Colorado highways. I love that kind of stuff.

Something cringe-worthy that happened this weekend of which I am deeply ashamed:

I don't know if it was the Saturday night food fest hangover or being tired and under-caffeinated or what, but Sunday after obtaining our coffee, The Kid declared hers too bitter and, spying Winchell's right next to us, I went in and took 4 sugar packets without buying anything or even asking first! I felt terrible, seriously what came over me? I never do that kind of complimentary-item-snitching, I can't even take a free sample at Starbucks unless I really feel like I'm going to buy something (I make The Kid do it, she has no shame).

By the time I really took stock of the situation I was already out the door, my ill-gotten white packets tucked into my hand, and really what do you do at that point? Put them back?

Luckily TR helped save my sugar-packet-thieving soul by buying a couple of donuts for The Kid. Team work!

(This is really how my brain works.)

Something good that happened this weekend, which was already full of good things:

I learned (again) that most of the time, things eventually work themselves out to be the way they should be, and all that time I spend trying to figure out how to MAKE things happen in such a way as to make everyone happy is, while not a wasted effort, probably useless stress.

It's not wasted effort because, at least for me, thinking out loud and going over something repeatedly even if it's only with myself helps me figure out how I really feel about it. I'm all about the self-analysis.

I hope you had a fine weekend!

**Pastor Ryan comes to us courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, who the Less-Than-Two-Weeks-From-Being-A-Mrs. Ms. Dandy got to meet over the weekend. SO JEALOUS, but so excited for her at the same time. I'm complicated like that.


Dandy said...

Bwahaha, I look like such a dork!

I can't get over the friendiversary and I think that I'm going to have one. Seriously. I'm going to get a chocolate ganache torte from Trader Joes.

I want Happy Cakes! I almost died when I saw the Maple Bacon and Jack and Coke flavors. I need them in my life.

You are cracking me up about the free stuff. But I feel that way too. See's Candy gives you a free piece whenever you walk in. I always feel I have to buy 2 pieces so they make money instead of break even.

curegirl0421 said...

OMG you look so cute, don't even!

Thank god I'm not the only one. There's a candy store in Chicago (Fanny May) that hands you free samples as you're browsing and I've always felt their tactic was specifically made for people like us... I browse, they feed me, and I buy out of obligation.