Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Somebody Flipped The Old Lady Switch

I've come to the conclusion that the Hot & Sour Soup Of Doom (thanks for the moniker, TR) is absolutely to blame for my recent digestive tract issues.

I wish it would stop already... it's cramping my style.

What the hell, stomach? Seriously!

In lieu of an exhaustive rundown of things I did this weekend, I'm going to just post photos of stuff if I can find good corresponding imagery.

It works!

Click to enlargify

If you can, go to the Denver Art Museum and see it for yourself. Me, I want it in my living room.

There's an old drive-in speaker stand in front of the paintings, and if you lean down you can hear what is either the sound of cars passing along the highway, or the wind passing through the tall grasses of the empty field.

Possibly both.

I was entranced.

The artist, Don Stinson, is definitely prolific... go check him out!

I found this painting particularly interesting...

Is that what I think it is?

Another artist I admired at length was Daniel Sprick.

I thought this was a photo at first. Nope.

3 other things that made me happy this weekend, though they were not the only ones...

I hope your weekend was lovely!


Dandy said...

Is that burning man?!

You have fun weekends, I'm going to come hang out with you.

How cool is that restaurant!

curegirl0421 said...

That's sure what *I* thought it was... it's even called Desert Burn.

The restaurant...oh my. If you ever get this way, we're so going. I now love Hollandaise sauce, and I *hate* Hollandaise sauce. Unbelievable.

Dandy said...

How can you hate hollandaise sauce?!

curegirl0421 said...

You know TR had a good point... the only places I've ever had it have been the breakfast-buffet type places where you find that stuff, and in all liklihood it was nasty canned stuff.

The stuff at Snooze was freshly made by the chef there... that made all the difference in the world, apparently, because I almost mugged TR for his plate. :)