Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Me Me Me

First off, a couple of things.

One, we got 2nd place in Trivia last night, by one point which wasn't bad at all! The important thing, though, is that I won the internet trivia question bonus prize. I gave it to Melissa because she's had a bad month, but not before getting my photo taken with... well, you know.

Second, look what TR found!

I love fiber graffiti, and this is my favorite yet. It's extra funny because The Kid just saw Little Shop of Horrors for the first time. She's been singing about being a dentist for a week now!

Okay now on to the subject of the day.


So one of my favorite bloggers, Mimi Smartypants (no relation), linked this person in her most recent post.

That person, LCAmazing, wrote a piece about herself and how amazing she really is. She did so with zero apologies, in response to this *other* blogger (I do love the surfing, don't you?) who realized after a talk with a friend that...

"Two women had just had a conversation in which they admitted out loud that they were good at something, without feeling the need to qualify it with a bunch of stuff about how they’re not as good as they could be, or how other people are so much better, or how the things they’re good at aren’t really important in the scheme of things."

Why is that so hard for us? Why can't we say without apology that we're good at something? (This doesn't just apply to women, either. I don't believe for one minute that men don't second-guess themselves, or that they don't downplay their abilities.)

Kids do it all the time - they will show you their scribbles with more pride than you think can fit in a little body.

When do we grow out of that?

So here it is, my very own love letter to myself. I'm not going to edit, I'm not going to go back and re-construct (except to correct my grammar), and I'm not going to apologize for being proud of myself. I'm just going to start with one thing, and see where my mind takes me.

I'm not quite going with her theme, only because I don't like to toss around the f-bomb. I don't think this makes me less assertive, or that I'm giving in to a preconceived notion of femininity. I think this means that I am able to do things the way I want to.

See? One down already!

Why I'm Fantastic, By Mimi Rickets
I can write well. I am really smart even though I never went to college - and I know I'll kick ass when I do finally go because I'm like that. I kill at trivia. I raised my kid well - I had help but ultimately I shaped her - this is the thing of which I am most proud. I have excellent grammar. I remember everything good - dates, birthdays, apartments, instances of joy - and can forget almost everything bad because I know that holding on to that stuff only hurts me. I have lovely hair and am actually proud of the silver in it because it's just like my grandmothers was. I can give a fantastic back rub. I hug tightly. I have never cheated on anyone. I never reveal confidences and secrets. I mean what I say. I can read a book in a weekend. I can draw well though I don't do it enough. I really like my singing voice. I like movies that make me laugh, even if they're juvenile. I tear up at events of every description whether or not they have anything to do with me. I take risks if it seems that taking the risk makes sense. I am intuitive - I can see pictures in my head of things people are describing, as if I was there. I have common sense. I give good advice, but I've also learned when to keep my lip zipped. I can admit when I make a mistake. I have a big heart with room for everyone. I understand - I believe the best in everyone and try my best to see their side before passing judgment. I embrace the kind of woman I've chosen to be even though others may not agree with it or think it's old fashioned. I can defend my choices.

Whew! That was refreshing.

So tell me... what makes YOU amazingly fantastic? Let it all hang out. Don't tell yourself someone else is better at it, or that it's not really a thing to have pride in... Just say it right out loud - what makes you awesome?!


Dandy said...

Gah, I'm sort of uncomfortable doing this. But I will. I have some posts lined up but after that, I'm taking part.

Why IS it so hard?

I loved your letter and I can see how every point is so very true.

So refreshing.

The Bacon Page said...

Rock on Girl!

Nova said...

Oh and you forgot... you are an amazingly wonderful and loving best friend!

Julie said...

I am awesome because I raised the best daughter EVER, in spite of all the shit we lived with/through/under. Plus, I can knit. And spell.

peacemama67 said...

You ARE amazing! :.)

Me? I am great at writing, especially science writing (since I had to do so much of it for school.) I am awesome because I am constantly growing and changing, and trying to be a little better at life every year. (I kind of have to!) I am a great mom, despite my health challenges. I learn well. I graduated with lots of certificates that say some variant of "you are great at this!". :.) I pick amazing people to be around. <3

curegirl0421 said...

You are *all* awesome.