Friday, May 14, 2010

F-Word Friday: I Fneed A Fnew Ftheme

I'm seriously running out of F-words.


So last night's concert was lovely (I'll post some videos when I'm at home, since I forgot the camera, a fact I'm sure shocks all of you), and I only cried twice, and just a little bit.

I don't think anyone noticed.

It's just so strange to think that I'll never see The Kid perform on that stage ever again! It's such a milestone!

I was surprised, when we moved here, to find out that there is no 8th grade graduation. It's just what's done where I grew up, private and public schools alike!

While I'm not a huge advocate of other sorts of graduations for the younger kids (I don't think it's necessary to graduate from, say, 5th grade to Junior High), it's a really big deal moving from grade school to high school. It's a huge change, and it's worth noting that passage with some kind of pomp and circumstance.

Here, it's just sort of "well, hope you had fun, good luck in your new school!".

When I finished 8th grade, we had a party and I got the best bike I ever owned which was stolen from me due to an unfortunate set of circumstances a couple of years later but we won't talk about that.

My whole family came, and there were caps and gowns and a diploma and everything.

It was wonderful, and really made me feel like I was transitioning from being a child to being a young woman.

It was important.

Well, she'll at least get taken out for dinner, and there will be cards to mark the occasion. Maybe I can find a "10" tassel to give her - I still have my from 1988, the year I graduated, not *from* 8th grade, but *to* high school.

This weekend will be filled with relaxation if I have to kill somebody to make it happen. Also, the possibility of beer cheese soup, Rollergirls on Sunday, and more work on the birthday gift I'm working up.

I'm hoping for some sleeping in on Sunday, too... it's been a long week!

Last but not least...

A resort on Easter Island! I want to go! Only 3 grand for a 3 day vacation, plus airfare etc.! A pittance, I tell you.

I'll file it under the "someday when I'm rich" header.

But oh...

If only.


Dandy said...

Seriously, how on Earth do you know about that hotel?

So the first F word that popped into my head was Fundido. I want.

Beer cheese soup?

Now the important stuff. WTF do you mean there is no graduation?! How can that be? My grad was a huge deal. We didn't grad from 5-6th as it was one school from K-8th although there is a Kindegarten grad. But going into high school is a big deal.

The Child is going to high school. Thats freaking me out... how are you feeling?

curegirl0421 said...

Mmmm, Fundido.

I was looking at an article about "The Top 10 Most Remote Places On Earth", and thought "Hm, it would be nice to remove myself from reality, I wonder if there are hotels on Easter Island?". Et voila. :)

I'm doing okay - feeling a little old hahaha. I don't fear for her though - she's incredible! She's a little wary of the size of the school, but I know once she does the run-through a couple of times she'll be fine.

And yes, the lack of 8th grade graduation is a total ripoff. I'm stopping in to the local party shop to pick her up a card and a tassel.

Julie said...

That's where Bob and I like to go on our special weekends...

curegirl0421 said...

^^^^ DELUSIONAL ^^^^