Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Sopa de Pollo

No post yesterday because...

Well, I don't know why actually, it just never happened I guess!

My usual take-a-break-and-write time was replaced with sit-in-the-stockroom-and-don't-look-too-closely-at-that-moving-thing-in-the-corner time.

It happens.


So last night The Kid had to finish her third and final cooking assignment. She had already made the entree (Thai Beef Wraps which were AWESOME) and dessert (the Easter cupcakes which were equally delish), and so had to make either soup (from scratch) or salad (with many ingredients and dressing from scratch).

We had been kicking around salads, but you know something? Dressings are frackin' complex. You can't just take sour cream and stuff and make ranch, there are HERBS and SPICES and if you do it wrong a bear will eat you (or so I'm told). Italian dressing requires vinegars of every name and description, and they all cost many dollars that I'm too proud to sell myself for.

(Excuse me... "for which I am too proud to sell myself." Better living through proper grammar!)

Instead she decided she's make some chicken soup. We started riffing on this idea.

Since (in anticipation of tacos) I had already purchased an avocado, and we had leftover taco chicken from an I-need-to-cook-that-before-it-rots experiment the other day, we came up with a Cinco De Mayo soup (it being Cinco De Mayo and all yesterday), which closely mimics the Azteca soup which I LOVE from Ajuua.

It was definitely a kitchen-sink, use-the-leftovers soup, and it ROCKED.

(And why all the hyphenation today?! I-DON'T-KNOW.)

She put the chicken in the broth, let it simmer, cut up some leftover corn tortillas we had sitting in the fridge, added the chunky-chopped avocado and some leftover shredded quesadilla cheese, some dashes of chili powder and cayenne, some salt and pepper and hot sauce and...

It was so good we ate it ALL.

I love that she cooks. Here's the video!

I have mentioned how much I love my Mac, right? Thank you iPhoto!

In other thrilling news, I'm happy to report that I found roller skates for The Kid that will be much better than the ones she has now, and they were only $100, plus a swap-out of the bearings and maybe new wheels, we'll see.

The Rollergirls tried to convince me to get her the $500 ones, and they're totally right because those ones are the BEST, but until her feet stop growing/she really settles in to the sport, that just seems like a lot of bucks to scrape up.

I can't even afford salad vinegar, much less the Riedell Minx Superbootie!

Maybe in a couple of years. USED.

And I'm sorry I just don't think I'll ever see the need for the $1000 ones. Call me crazy. If she wants those, she'll have to start selling her organs or something.

Happy Thursday!

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Dandy said...

Holy moly I had no idea skates were that expensive! But I guess everything has super expensive highend gear.

That soup looked amazing and I love the video :)