Friday, May 28, 2010

F-Word Friday: Again With No F-Words At All

I really do need a new theme.

Or maybe I'll just *keep* the theme and hope for the best?

I'm sure I'll say this about 50 more times before I actually do anything about it. Apologies in advance.


Last night was Trivia Night, natch, which was lovely as usual though the vibe was slightly different. I'm not sure what it was - perhaps it's that it isn't dark until trivia is almost over now, making it seem less like a Fun Nighttime Grownups Activity and more like a Wholesome Family Fun Extravaganza (Where They Say F*** A Lot).

Oh well.

I never did post about last week's trivia amusement, where we had too many people and decided to play boys vs. girls (Bastards vs. Bitches), and we girls totally kicked their asses for them AND got 3rd place and a gift certificate.

Woohoo! The Bitches took a lovely photo, but my arm looks weird - I was holding up our end of the fort - and I have to admit that the person giving the finger to the Bastards in their picture is, in fact, me.

I couldn't help it! All that trash talking from their end of the table had my Irish up. Them and their "helpful hints" about Boy George and Bon Jovi.

Well, that and two glasses of wine.

What did I say about letting me near wine?

The waiter is Travis, who is to be commended
for managing to photobomb BOTH of our teams

So last night, we did it again (with less crude gesturing), and although we came in 4th that's okay because we beat the pants offn'm once again!

I think we definitely need a single team again though. Between the two of our teams, we totally could have won both weeks.

See? Together we stand, divided one of us gets a gift certificate and the other is bitter.

The weekend will be really nice. It's a long one, yay Government Holidays!

The Kid is hanging with her grampa Saturday & Sunday, and they're going to see Iron Man 2, and to the fabulous Boulder Creek Festival, and they'll be making a quest to the Mothership (that moniker just amuses me to no end) so he can get ready for his entire family visiting this coming week.

They were going to go to the Colorado Ren Faire (beware! embedded music site!), but it's actually not open yet so there goes that! She & I (and whoever else wants to join us) will probably go later in the season. We don't get quite as much out of it as we did in Illinois, mainly because we don't really know anyone who works there, but we still get to dress up, and eat stuff off sticks, and window-shop, and it's a gorgeous drive out there, so there ya go.

I'm not sure what TR & I are doing, actually, other than spending a couple of days together, which is good enough for me. It's hard to believe, but it's been an entire year since our first date!

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all retrospective on you, but I will say this...

It's been a wonderful year, and I'm happy.

What more can I ask out of life?!

Last but not least, happy, healing thoughts to Nova, who just finished getting some surgery done. She's doing well, and will be even better soon, and the surgery went - as the doctor put it - "better than great". That is SO what you want to hear!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Grill something!

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