Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Vomitous

My poor Kid is home sick today, with a barfy bug. So not fun, but I have to admit I'm grateful she's a young adult and not inclined to get it all over her bed anymore, but rather makes it to the can in time.

So, you know...

Silver lining!

The weekend was rather quiet and gloomy, but I got a lot done! House cleaned, laundry done, etc. I managed to get a lot of rest in too, when not dreaming I was a gangster in a bizarre kind of heist-gone-wrong scenario.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up, totally relieved to find it was just a dream, only to go back to sleep and pick right up where you left off. I have some really interesting leftover remembrances of it... in particular, the house that was at the base of a standing stone, the top of the stone featuring a Southwestern-style adobe mission.

I don't know, so don't ask me!

Friday night was the relaxing time I figured it would be, with the added bonus of dinner with The Kid's grampa. I didn't get my sewing done (no time for the fabric store), but I got about halfway through the Elise bag... it's looking pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

I also got some stuff at Lowe's, and managed to piss off all the front desk staff by strong-arming my way out through the In door for a cart (you just have to push on it a little and it will open). Is it my fault they don't put carts, or at least baskets, *inside* the store for the shopper who gets more than a handful? Apparently cell phones set off the alarms. WHOOPS!

I picked up a second shovel so my lovely daughter can help shovel. She doesn't do a great job, which means I end up doing most of it, but I figure on mornings where we need to get it done quickly I can worry less about how it looks and use teamwork to just have it be good enough to not get a citation from the city.

Saturday morning I met The Kid and her friend at the site of the Solo Ensemble Festival (after shoveling AGAIN). Kid played beautifully (Oh Danny Boy) and got some useful advice from the critiquer. (Is that a word? Spell Check doesn't think so.)

We puttered around for the afternoon, getting our toes done (blue for me, purple for her), finishing up with dinner courtesy of The Kid's CFS (aka Home Ec) class. There were leftover kits for making Thai Lettuce Wraps (delicious!) and she won the lottery for taking one home. She cooked, I helped (only a very little bit with the harder parts, like mincing garlic), and it was lovely. Melissa joined us, which was lovely.

The budding chef

Sunday morning we attempted to sleep in, and were mostly successful. Actually now that I think about it I should have seen Kid's illness approaching... she napped on the couch half the afternoon! She never does that.

The rest of the day was filled with Rick Steves and Guitar Hero. I made the 9X13 version of the German Pancake recipe. This might work in the lowlands, but I think you might want to use a cast-iron skillet if you ever want to try this (note to Dandy!)... it was okay, kind of like an enormous, really thick crepe.

For lunch I made these, which were FRICKIN AWESOME, although The Kid didn't enjoy them much (she has a slight aversion to coconut, although really you can barely taste it with all the curry and panko going on).

Hope you had a great weekend... and here's hoping I don't pick up that nasty bug!!

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Dandy said...

OK I'll definitely try it with the cast iron skillet. Sorry the kid is barfy.

I am seriously laughing envisioning you prying open the doors to Home Depot! Its too funny!