Friday, February 19, 2010

F-Word Friday: Five-By-Five... Or Not

Snowy here today... snowy and cold.


Of course I don't mind the snow so much, especially when it clings to rustic buildings and makes them look like postcards waiting to happen, but the cold I could do without.

I'm looking forward to the weekend... it's been another long week at Le Travail de Mimi, and though I know you're just *dying* to hear all about it, I assure you it's the same old crap...

Communication is a good thing when everyone's paying attention, but when they're not, it's just an exhausting waste of emails.


But I have a new sewing project. It's the Finny February Craft-A-Long, and I'm SO on board. She has a pattern in the book One Yard Wonders (June of Planet June, too!), so of course I bought it, even though the pattern is one I've already made. Twice! I'm all about supporting my peeps.

Crafting makes me forget about my work woes.

We tried the Mediterranean-style place last night, Basil Flats. The space was beautiful, the falafel was tasty, and they use all-natural, mostly local ingredients and don't charge much. I liked it!

We had the Mozzarella en Carozza (a nice creamy mozzarella wrapped up in some flat bread and grilled so it got all melty, and served with a roasted tomato sauce), the afore-mentioned falafel (the best part was the tomato-cucumber salsa, although The Kid loved the tzaziki sauce so much she put it on everything), and one of their flatbread pizzas.

Everything was delicious, although I felt terrible... apparently I knew the owner but didn't remember him! When we got there, he came out and gave me the "how-ya-doin'" shoulder-pat and said hello, and honestly Kid & I just thought he was just being friendly. But on the way out, as we were admiring the tile-covered entry, he came up and I introduced myself... only to have him say "Yes, I know you... I'm Cindy's husband, remember?"

I really, really didn't, although I remembered his wife, she used to be The Kid's Girl Scout leader. I vaguely remember meeting her husband once, but that's about it!

Sorry guy!! Awesome restaurant, we'll be back!

The Kid has a viola solo in the morning, something she didn't *have* to do, but *chose* to do, and that makes me happy. I love seeing her take initiative.

She also has a sleepover tonight, which means a few hours of quiet time for me. I think I probably need that.

Not that she impedes my ability to be tranquil, but when I'm in Mom-Mode, I'm not the same as when I'm in Mimi-Mode, where I'm just myself and not responsible for anyone else's stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend; safe travels if you're traveling, happy vegetating if you're not!

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Julie said...

I love the Basil Flats logo!