Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Exploding Brains

Well you'll be glad to know that today's post will not include any lengthy descriptions of my innermost workings...


It was a pretty nice weekend, in fact.

Friday night The Kid had her buddy sleep over unexpectedly (she's always welcome as a drop-in though - this would be the friend with whom Child celebrated her 5-year Friendiversary a few months back), and we went to eat at Chick-Fil-A as her friend's sister's soccer team was having a benefit - this was courtesy of her friend's mom, who had been trying to find a way out of going to said benefit. Everbody wins!

(It was much better this time; I had tried their chicken nuggets when they first opened, and it must have been first-week-itis.)

They ran around and acted like lunatics in my house while I had a 2 hour conversation, and then we watched the rather disturbing remake of Children of the Corn and had a lengthy discussion about religious extremism. I love teenagers.

Saturday morning The Kid took off with her grampa for awhile to "help him shop for a card for Sherri" (code for pick up a card for me) for Valentine's Day. She's very sweet that way, and he was very sweet to think of it!

While they were out doing that, I finished up making the dragon I had been working on, a gift for Nova's birthday (couldn't tell you that before, now could I!), which she liked a lot!


Ever try to wrap a dragon? Yeah.


We headed up to Fabulous Greeley, CO about noon to help Nova with her party planning - it was a madhouse by 3:30 and I had a screaming migraine (or similar - it sure felt like a migraine) by 4:30. FUN. It had been threatening all day but I think the combination of a slightly mildewy clubhouse (I don't mind the smell, but I do have a bit of an allergy) and many, many children under the age of 5 kind of pushed it over the edge. We left at about 5 and I was asleep by probably 8PM.

Sunday morning The Kid and I went out for German pancakes for breakfast, I gave her a card...she was pleased.

We don't really do much with Valentine's Day other than the card thing, although I know lots of folks go nuts for it. To me, though, it seems like kind of a marketing campaign for the rose and candy industry. "Buy your girlfriend flowers and chocolate or she'll think you hate her!" seems to be the secret message in all the ads, and don't get me wrong, I like little cute heart-covered things as much as the next girl, but I hate that the Powers That Be make it seem so obligatory.

Plus there's the fact that the unattached are made to feel kind of worthless on that day. I might not fit that category anymore, but I still have to look out for my brethren. SOLIDARITY NOW!

Besides, I like anniversaries better... they're much more personal.

Well I hope you had a lovely weekend, that you celebrated if you felt like it, and that you didn't have to suddenly shovel 3 inches of mystery snow Sunday morning like I did. Seriously, I went to bed under clear skies, woke up to blue skies, and was understandably shocked when I opened my garage door to a whole pile of work.

S'ok...I earned my breakfast, and it was really pretty.


Dandy said...

There was a remake of Children of the corn? How horrid, I'm terrified of scary evil children.

That dragon is incredibly fawesome (a word I just picked up) and I can't get over the detailing. You are so dedicated which is shown in the fact that you wrapped it instead of throwing it in a bag. I love the wrapping job.

Please tell me what german pancakes are. Thank you very much.

Dandy said...

Oops, hit send twice.

PS. Can you please relocate to CA?

curegirl0421 said...

Yeah I felt the need to wrap it, just to see if I could... I took a page from the "how to wrap a cat" video that tickled my fancy. (Hint: start with the tail tube.)

German Pancakes (aka Dutch Babies) = Awesome. Think of some light, ever so slightly lemony dough. Whip it up, bake it like a souffle in a skillet, and then let it fall and bubble. Apparently you can also do this in a 9X13 which is awesome since I lack a skillet.

Cast Iron:


Then cover it in butter/powdered sugar/syrup/strawberries/drool/etc.

And though I can't relocate, I will totally visit ASAP. :) (Of course ASAP in my world is like a year away, but still.)

Dandy said...

I am totally going to make those! If you can make it anywhere on the west coast I will totally meet you!