Friday, February 26, 2010

F-Word Friday: Frickin' Awesome

Trivia rocked... 3rd place again! That's *really* fantastic when you consider there were 15 or so teams.

We would have nailed it if only we'd known more random Disney facts and had spent more of our collective childhoods watching nothing but Godzilla movies, but that's the way the game runs...

Sometimes it's your night, and sometimes you're left wondering who the hell could possibly have known all those answers! (Answer: that guy over there.)

Normally I get all excited about the email bonus question, an open-book test kind of thing sent in the weekly email. You put your answer on a piece of paper, drop it in a jar, and the Quizmaster draws the name of someone who will then get a fabulous prize.

Last night's prize was cat-food scented soap. I declined to enter my name.

Oh well! The company was great, and the pizza was good in a "wow that was interesting but I don't need to try it again" sort of way. I'll post the no-doubt frightening picture later on; I try so hard to look normal but it never works, and this will no doubt continue that tradition.

But traditions are important, right?


And TR brought presents from his trip! I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and he brought me a stuffed Jack and some more of the awesome pins that are all the rage out there.

My favorites, which are seriously cute and now living on my dresser

He also brought back the absolute coolest thing for The Kid, who also loves Jack Skellington to bits because I trained her well.

Her friends will be SO jealous


It's got Jack all over it! And colored pencils! And markers! It's just what she would have chosen, and she was completely thrilled. (Good call, TR!)

I think it's so funny that TNBC is still SO popular, all these years later... and really, it's even more popular now than it was then! All The Kid's friends love it, and there's new merchandise all the time. You'd think the fervor would have died down by now, but Disney has a knack for keeping things in the spotlight that might otherwise have faded long ago, like Lilo & Stitch which was popular for about a year when The Kid was probably 6, and yet there's a relatively new ride and merchandise line being pushed.

They're good at what they do!

Here's wishing you a lovely, relaxing weekend! I know I'll be working that angle for all it's worth.


Happy Friday!

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