Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Free Gift With Purchase

Happy Monday! Time for another lengthy rundown of everything in my head!

Pardon me in advance, I seem to be having an issue. (I'll spare you the details.)

The weekend was lovely though; extra-lovely since we stayed in a hotel! I love hotels, they're just so clean and neat, and this one was fabulous.

Why a hotel, you ask?

TR has this vast collection of awesome 1:18 scale planes. He got a whole slew of them at once (at a ridiculously good sale - imagine your favorite purse brand putting all their stuff on a $10 rack - you'd buy EVERYTHING) and they've been living happily, stacked in neat towers in the corner until he gets himself a rec room, at which point he'll be able to display them in all their glory.

Well, one of them got sick. This was discovered while TR was attempting to relocate some of the planes into storage. It was one in the back on the bottom of a stack (naturally - also I'm a poet and didn't know it!) and had apparently been growing its science project with no interruptions for quite some time.

Items in photo are not representative of actual wall art

The thinking is it was probably already living in or on a box, and then in the heat of summer/damp of humidifiers, a star was born. I think the most evocative description I can give you is the one TR gave me...

When the hydrogen peroxide (the solution he found online) was applied, there was hissing.


Understandably, there was fleeing from the premises.

As luck would have it, he needed to earn a couple more points on his Marriott Rewards thinger (that's a technical term, I'll have you know), so there ya go... unexpected hotel stay!

I like silver linings.

Friday night we ate at J. Alexanders since a) poor TR had been battling mutant spores all afternoon and b) my job is eating my soul. We needed comfort food. The carrot cake was forgone this time in favor of fresh, hot sourdough bread which was absolutely awesome.

Then it was off to walk a few calories off by going to the Biggest Target In The Land (well, almost - the biggest is in Hoover, Alabama and yes I looked it up), an extremely cavernous PetSmart, and The Container Store, which oh my goodness.

I love that store.

I have mentioned the teeny tiny bit of OCD I have, right? Have you *been* to one of these places? If you have, you'll understand the drooling that was going on. Figuratively speaking of course. I have *some* manners.

Saturday, after some breakfast at Le Peep, we headed back to Sporeville to check on the kitties (they couldn't get to the new inhabitants, so they were safe) and move some of the non-contaminated boxes down to storage. His storage area is creepy, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

We had dinner with TR's brother et al at a place called Red Tango. It bills as a "Latin American Bistro", and was absolutely fantastic! We ate ceviche and empanadas and fresh bread like they were going out of style, and I had this pile of vegetable joy whose name I forget, but it had goat cheese and pesto and balsamic-vinegar soaked grilled zucchini.


After dinner we went to TR's brother's for cake that had made its way all the way from Lafayette, Louisiana (if you're ever in town apparently they also have awesome burgers), and his brother's girlfriend and I had a long, long talk about stuff in general. I like her a lot, she's funny and smart and brought me a gorgeous goodie from Disney, although that has nothing to do with the price of sand in Albuquerque... just a point of note. It was very sweet of her!**

Our talk stirred up a bit of stuff for me (we have similar pasts), and I had a long and upsetting dream which resulted in me crying all over TR in the morning. Poor guy... it must be a bit shocking to see me go over all weepy like that! It happens but rarely.

The rest of the day was filled with much less crying, and a lot more yelling at the TV... we watched the AMAZING USA vs. Canada Olympic hockey match. The US may have taken Silver, but they have *nothing* to be ashamed of! They totally kicked ass. I've never been much of a hockey fan, but even I was totally into it! Very exciting.

I also may or may not have gotten shoe ick all over the carpeted stairs of TR's friend's house. I haven't asked yet, as it was dark down there and I didn't notice until we were going up the stairs after the game (it was dark when we arrived - yay for projectors!), and I hadn't thought to take off my shoes (hardwood floors). I meant to ask at the time but forgot.

If it was me, I'll make it right... I'm wicked with a steam-cleaner.

I was still a bit bummed out on the way home Sunday (when my brain gets to whirlin' it takes awhile to stop), and I hadn't seen my Kid all weekend (she was touring the Front Range with her Colorado grandparents) so she & I had dinner out at one of our local faves. It probably would have been more fun if I hadn't been all mopey. It didn't help that it was super gloomy outside...

You'd think I'd never been a Junior Goth Girl! I used to *wish* for that kind of gloom! There are times when I still enjoy it, but I don't seem to go for the wallowing anymore.

Probably a good thing, huh.

** I just realized, typing that part up, that I never thanked Mrs. Dandy for the AMAZING pendant she sent me, at least not in this 'ere blog! Thank you for thinking of me while you were in New Zealand, the blue is so uplifting and calming! You rock.

Well, have a happy day... best wishes to the folks in Chile. What a mess. What's next?!


Dandy said...

I soooo want to go out to eat with you guys!!!

curegirl0421 said...

Hey, if you're ever in Denver... :) I totally thought of you at Red Tango. You would have LOVED the presentation of the dish I had!